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  1. codeliftsleep

    Pure Decision AI...best method to use

    After more thinking about this, I actually am going to create enums with both team states and cap states because the two don'thave to be exclusive to each other... For instance, the team states I have right now are TotalRebuild(What Jets and Browns did the last few years---complete firesale aiming for #1 pick in draft), Rebuild, Transition(when a team changes coaches/GM's and philosophies that go with it meaning players might be let go due to scheme fits), Building, WinNow and Reloading(when a team realizes the current key players aren't getting it done so they replace them but still expect to win(usually through FA)) Cap state will be tied to how they spend money under the cap and current options are CapConcious(sets a value or players and won't overspend regardless of how good they are), SpendOnOwn(team mostly focuses on resigning it's own payers they've drafted and very little in FA), SpendOnFA(teams focus on filling in holes via FA), and Flexble(meaning more or less they don't have a plan and do whatever---which is a lot of teams surprisingly--think Redskins)
  2. codeliftsleep

    Pure Decision AI...best method to use

    OK got it...that makes more sense now...
  3. codeliftsleep

    Pure Decision AI...best method to use

    Well I can see very easily how I'd be able to use the Utility method to handle both... If, say, a player has a decision to make about whether to accept a lower offer to stay where he is or take a higher offer to go to a bad team, for example, I could use various personality traits like loyalty, greed, ImportanceOfWinning, etc to basically add or subtract dollars from the two contract offers, which is sort of what actually happens in their minds...if they are loyal and like where they are, that is "worth X amount of dollars" to them...likewise if they are greedy and not loyal than the offer for more money is the one they will likely go with... So I can see how the Utility method could be easily modified to work with both but I'm wondering if the same could be true for the method he discussed as well...or is it possible utility methods would be used inside the behavior trees?
  4. codeliftsleep

    Pure Decision AI...best method to use

    Well, one of the reasons I brought up state machines combined with Behavior Trees was from a response I got on here from a guy who worked with EA Sports designing AI for NCAA Football among other things, but I have quite a few questions regarding implementation that I'd need to understand before going down a route like that...plus as with anything dealing with programming there are almost always multiple ways to achieve the same end result so I thought I'd get other opinions and see which one would make more sense to me... https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-best-option-for-a-Pure-Decision-AI-in-Unity
  5. codeliftsleep

    Pure Decision AI...best method to use

    Well that is not necessarily true for football. You have many things at play. Let's say you have a good player but you know he is going to demand top dollar and/or has told you he doesn't want to play there or won't resign there. Will it make you better by trading this player today? No...but you will at least get some assets back in return instead of letting the player walk for nothing if you trade him now. There is no guarantee you will even get fair value(most times you won't) but something is better than nothing. Sometimes a good player doesn't fit a scheme for a new coach/GM. He is a good player but not in this scheme. Trading him doesn't necessarily make you better short term, but if he can't do what you ask him to well there isn't much reason to keep him. Maybe the player clashes with the new coach or GM, and he is going to be a problem... There are also salary cap related decisions...You can't pay all your good players because you only have limited resources to spend or you end up screwing yourself over really badly for future years...For instance...a very good player wants to be paid like a Top 5 player in the league, but his true value isn't worth that...do you bite the bullet and overpay him or let some other team overpay him? Do you resign an aging vet with 1 more good year left to a 4 year contract knowing you are going to probably replace him with a younger cheaper player before the contract is over, and unless you can negotiate a low $ guaranteed money contract, are going to have a bunch of dead cap money floating around in future years or simply replace him now with a rookie who might not be as good this year but is a lot cheaper and who you expect can fill his shoes by year 2? There are a myriad of reasons why a team will be willing to let a player walk in FA, not resign an FA, or trade a player for future picks and many times they KNOW they aren't getting fair value back, but do it anyway. Football reasoning/decision making is far more complex than these simple utility methods that work in shooter games because there are no guarantees you will be able to get more future value but you also have to be mindful of salary cap restrictions in the meantime and many other variables that come into play.
  6. codeliftsleep

    Pure Decision AI...best method to use

    Well, now that I think about it, probably I should do it the way real GMs do it...they evaluate the team against expectations at the end of the season and then make decisions as to what direction to take the team in. I probably need to have a "Team State" which then would control the options the GM would consider while making decisions and would allow these decisions to align properly together...
  7. codeliftsleep

    Pure Decision AI...best method to use

    Awesome link, thanks! How would I weigh immediate utility versus long term utility...ie, making a move that might make the team worse in the short run but will free up cap space and give them draft picks in return that they hope can make them better 2-3 years down the line?
  8. I'm building an American football simulation(think football manager), and am wondering about the best way of implementing AI based on various inputs which are weighted based on the personality of the NPC...I have a version of Raymond Cattell's16PF model built into the game to be able to use their various personality traits to help guide decisions. I am going to use this extensively so I need this to be both flexible and able to handle many different scenarios. For instance, a GM has to be able to decide whether he wants to resign a veteran player for big dollars or try and replace them through the draft. They need to be able to have a coherent system for not only making a decision in a vacuum as a single decision but also making a decision as part of a "plan" as to how to build the team...For instance it makes no sense for a GM to make decisions that don't align with each other in terms of the big picture. I want to be able to have the decisions take in a wide range of variables/personality traits to come up with a decision. There is no NPC per se...There isn't going to be any animations connected to this, no shooting, following, etc...just decisions which trigger actions. In a situation like a draft, there is one team "on the clock" and 31 other teams behind the scenes working on trying to decide if they want to try and trade up, trade down, etc which can change based on things like who just got picked, the drop off between the highest graded player at their position/group and the next highest graded player in that position/next group, if a player lasts past a certain point, etc... There needs to be all of these things going on simultaneous for all the teams, obviously the team on the clock is goifn to have to decide whether it wants to make a pick or take any of the offers to move down in the draft from other teams that might want to move up, etc.. So I am planning on making use of something called Behavior Bricks by Padaone Games( bb.padaonegames.com )which is a Behavior Tree but in conversations with others who have worked on AI in major projects like this(EA sports) they said to combine this with a State Machine. My question is would I be able to do this using just Behavior Bricks or would I need to build the state machine separately? Is there something else already created for this type of purpose that I could take advantage of?
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