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  1. Gary Lu Productions

    Tips for my Game

    I sent the wrong version. Sorry. Click on this one instead: Color Labyrinth
  2. Gary Lu Productions

    Tips for my Game

    I updated the game based on previous suggestions. Color Labyrinth Now, what do you mean when you said that I need to complicate the game? And how do you think I could make it look more beautiful? I am also still taking 0r0d's suggestion into consideration.
  3. Gary Lu Productions

    Tips for my Game

    Thanks for your tip. So, my plan is to add six more levels to the game. I am going to put each of the six levels between two levels between which the player feels like the game is not rushing them in terms of learning to mechanics. For example, if there is a sudden change in difficulty between levels one and two, I would put at least one level between them so the player does not feel rushed. Do you have any suggestions of what to add?
  4. Gary Lu Productions

    Tips for my Game

    Yeah, sorry about that. I did not mean to say it in a mean way. I am still taking his idea into consideration though.
  5. Gary Lu Productions

    Tips for my Game

    I might take your advice on that. But the timer is quite unnecessary. There are some fast-paced levels but other levels require taking your time to win, so it is questionable whether I will put that in or not. Also, I put in an anti-cheat system and the game could possibly penalize you if you move your mouse too quickly.
  6. Gary Lu Productions

    Tips for my Game

    Hello, I have created a game called Color Labyrinth, in which you need to use your mouse to dodge obstacles. I worked hard on this game for about a month, but on Newgrounds, it got low ratings. I would like your criticism on this game and tips on how to improve it. The voters complained mostly about the color scheme (I just heavily modified the color scheme, but I would still like to know whether that has room for improvement) and the difficulty progression (the difficulty increases way too quickly), so I would like your tips on how I can change the colors and modify the current level design. Color Labyrinth
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