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  1. Useful interview about Environment Design and Procedural Modeling with 3D Artist – Ilari Lampinen. https://80.lv/articles/procedural-artcit-forest-environment-production/
  2. Robert Miroshnichenko

    Unreal Amazing Unreal Engine 4 Showcases

    I believe that this is scanned, what do you think? Is it possible to create this in UE4? Anyway looks awesome.
  3. Robert Miroshnichenko

    Fur and Dress

    thank you!
  4. Robert Miroshnichenko

    Cool map for Overwatch

    Looks Amazing, what do you think?
  5. Robert Miroshnichenko

    Fur and Dress

    Hi there guys! Recently I found an interview with cool 3d modeler where I was very attracted by the Fur on dress that I was looking for my snow knight (like in the Game of Thrones)Somebody maybe knows how to make a fur for a dress?Searched on the forums, youtube, but the fur is obtained both from the clay
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