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  1. Magnus H

    looking for help with game project

    Sent you a pm with the current version of the game.
  2. Magnus H

    looking for help with game project

    Well I am not trying to make money with this game, I see it as education that should be free.. Maybe this is just my utopian dream.. If some day however some paycheck knocks on my door I will not say no, but this is more about advancing the idea than getting anything off it. Thank you though for the advice, how would I structure a game concept in order to be not as "lightly designed"? I am working currently on a desktop version, but yes, the game is not ready yet. That is why i asked for help. You seem to be an open-minded, critical person. You are open-minded because you are willing to hear out my ideas and try to understand them, you read the excerpt. But your are critical at the same time by thinking twice about what i have to say and having your own opinion, you are calling "lightly designed" what you read about. To me being open-minded and being critical are two different things, one is about engaging new ideas, the other one about dealing with them.
  3. Hey people, I want to create a turn based mobile game with some more or less critical topic, which could upset a lot of people - about religion. I won´t be more specific at this point. So far I have some pages concept written down and made a few design tries with AppGameKit. The game is ready (in my head) but the idea needs to be revised and written down as app. I am looking for openminded, critical people to help me with: - Game Concept: Is every required aspect concidered? What else has to be included? - Game Mechanics: How is everything calculated? - Graphics: create (cute), attractive graphics and sprites - Sound: produce small jingles and a happy background song loop - Game Motivation: How do I keep the game interesting? - Idea Pool: What features could be added, do you have more ideas (for upgrades etc)? and most importantly - Programmers to help me make all the features work Since I am a student, I can not offer you a lot but I am convinced of this idea and hope you give it a shot too. If you are interested, a short excert can be seen here feel free to comment
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