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  1. David Wagnon

    Dialog Writer in Need of Some Feedback

    That certainly doesn't sound like a typical story, lol. Well, I wish you luck on your endeavors, and thanks again for all the help.
  2. David Wagnon

    Dialog Writer in Need of Some Feedback

    Congrats on your contract! Is it for a book? What kind of book/film did you write? Mine's a fantasy with a split narrative bent. Gambit was also my favorite in the 90's cartoon. Cyclops was a close second, though.
  3. David Wagnon

    Dialog Writer in Need of Some Feedback

    Thanks for all your help, Gambit. It's good to hear I'm mostly on the right track. May I ask, do you work in the game industry? Also, nerdy question, but do you take your name from the X-men character?
  4. David Wagnon

    Dialog Writer in Need of Some Feedback

    I'm in the final stages of publishing my first book, actually. Do design documents help my portfolio? I already have one game design document in there; however, I've also been working on a series of character design documents (detailing their lore, abilities, balance, and art).
  5. David Wagnon

    Dialog Writer in Need of Some Feedback

    Thanks, and yeah I never put up anything that I don't mind losing. That's why my portfolio is as small as it is, I've mostly worked on projects with small groups, meaning that's work I can't share until the product's finished. You seem to know a fair bit about this; so, aside from getting into a program like Trelby or Final Draft, what else might improve my employment chances/portfolio?
  6. David Wagnon

    Dialog Writer in Need of Some Feedback

    Understood, I have some fiction samples already in my Public Portfolio. Or do you mean an original concept script? Because that's what End of the Imperial Line is meant to cover. I put did the Andromeda script and Imperial one to show that I can work with both an original and existing IP.
  7. David Wagnon

    Dialog Writer in Need of Some Feedback

    Thanks, I'll check that out. In either document, did anything about the dialog or story stand out to you? Good or bad.
  8. David Wagnon

    Dialog Writer in Need of Some Feedback

    Thanks for the feedback, Gambit. I've already started looking into the software. I'll see which price option/release fits my needs best, as well as maybe shop around for alternatives. That said, does it damage my examples to submit them as PDF's; or, would using a program like Final Draft simply make it more appealing (to a studio I mean)?
  9. Hi there! My name is David, and I've been writing stories for several years now. I'd like some feedback on two public samples I recently wrote. Yet enough with the introductions, let's get to the meat of it: Sample One, Mass Effect: Andromeda Alternate Prologue. For this project I changed around the main characters and setting. The player now controls Alec aboard the Nexus. This made more sense to me, as the Nexus-being the first ship in Andromeda-should've had a Pathfinder with it. Moreover, the drama of the Nexus riots seems to establish much of the intra-factional conflict. Act 1 is what I have so far, and it's already half a book long. When it comes to game dialog, I try to give weight to every choice the player makes (hence the length of the document). Choice is always a major factor in any Mass Effect game (yes, even 3), and I tried to emulate that here. The first choice the player makes is whether to delay some enemy reinforcements or shoot them out into space. This choice affects the dialog between Alec and SAM; and, in future Acts, it would help determine SAM's independent actions. The player's second choice concerns how to deal with the Nexus riot leaders. The player is given three options, two of which have their own sub-options. These choices can remove future bosses, as well as add to Alec's combat party. Like with any project this size, I don't expect people to read all of it; yet, I would certainly welcome some feedback. Also, Here's the Decision Tree for Act 1. In case you want to preview/track the choices I gave the player. Andromeda Act 1 Decision Tree.pdf Note: I posted the Andromeda rewrite on the appropriate Reddit, but I only got a couple of responses. Sample Two, End of the Imperial Line This is an original project (i.e. I didn't use a pre-existing IP). The End of the Imperial Line takes place around 1890's London. An assassination plot against the Queen serves as the catalyst for the story. Episode 1 begins when three cops storm a train to find the would-be assassin. Players control Johnny Badger, a normal street cop. Johnny must interview the 9 passengers and use their testimonies/evidence to identify the assassin. Episode 1 is kept short and contained. That said, it is ironically about as long as the previous mentioned project. Surprisingly, having 9 passengers answer the same 3-4 questions can add up to quite a bit. Especially when you try to make each one stand out. Feedback is very welcome on this project. However, please don't bludgeon me too much about the accents (or lack thereof). I was trying to get this one done in time for a job application. Where to Read Them, These projects can be found at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B26kz6oozd6QZnlLNi1BTnhGMGM
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