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  1. tigral


    you cant call catmull which is commonly known as meshsmooth, sculpting. this has no business being mentioned in relation to sculpting. that uses the same hard edge polygon model that was used when 3d was created. meshsmooth just hides the polygon model underneath. polygon modeling is like modeling with bricks you dont know 2d animation if you did. you would not think 2d and 3d animation are equal.a mesh and bones cannot equal the motion of a line. that defies basic comprehension. spline and nurbs in every 3d program is actually different. you dont seem to know that. the only thing they all have in common is you draw lines and make a surface. you state common everyday knowledge. that everyone who had any contact with 3d knows. as if its a revealation. meshsmooth was so commonly used that does not need to be stated. but it was no where in the vicinity of scultping. baking maps was so commonly used. it does not need to be stated. and the diffuse baked maps were also uglier than the original maps they were based off. painted maps did not have that problem If the only reason you took a interest in modeling other than polygon was hoping to find an advantage. that may be why you did not learn it. when I started I actually wanted to draw in 3d. I was disappointed to find all I could do was box or edge model a polygon. I saw meshsmooth when it was introduced. again all that did was hide the polygon model underneath. now when spline and nurbs were introduced. that is what I was looking for from the first time I touched a 3d program. I jumped all over it. but there were no tutorials. I had to figure it out myself. and it was frustrating. I should have been able to draw in 3d as easily as on paper. but that was not the case. because no one naturally thinks in terms of a 3d space. unless your using a 3d program you dont have to. I figured it out by looking at a diagram of a drawing. when you draw a character more than once you have to diagram where everything goes to make sure the next drawing lines up. a line for where the eyes go, nose, lips everything. I did the same exact thing in 3d. so I have everything lined up right. but its still not three dimensional yet. the last piece was. I realized everything in 3d is either a circle or square. draw 2 more line to round the shape out. and thats it. once I had that figured out I could draw anything in 3d wth the stick figures one looks like an extruded spline the other looks like a blob model you say that model took 40 minutes to sculpt. that should not have taken that long. but this took 15 minutes. and I wasnt rushing. the entire head is made from a single drawn spline. I start off with the head shape. instead of looking for it. its a patch surface. changes are a simple matter
  2. tigral

    test walk

    I wanted to do something with straight arms. this one uses straight arms walk test 3
  3. tigral


    I saw no difference in the witcher from any other game. all I saw was a computer doing math you say you should not do drawings in 3d and the spark of life paintings and drawings dont move but you can look at them and not a have problem with them because there done by hand. you can not fake the human effort that is put into it. thats what the viewer connects with drawings in 3d. thats been done more than once. I did a quick one after reading this 2d drawing in 3d. did not try to match the drawings to the camera. would look a 100 times better if I matched the drawings to the camera apparently you have yet to learn what anything means. the image you posted is limited to what the mesh can support. that is nowhere in the vicinity of anything. and I said a character that cylinder and round object are not characters. using more than one object makes more sense and my rigs are completely non standard. they address the issue of taking any shape. for some engines I have to use work around to get them to import properly you keep making an argument by going into the math. of how something is supposed to work. you dont do 2d animation but you try to argue 2d and 3d animation are the same. I dont know how much experience you have with nurbs and patches. but you know there not sculpting. you should get experience with the subject before you speak about it when 3d came into existance there was only polygon modeling nurbs were created right after polygon specifically to address the limitations of polygon modeling. nurbs does not produce a hard edge. its always round and soft. and its made out of triangles. and the meshes were high poly. they looked good were undeniably smooth. but were too high to rig. so a low poly version of the high poly version had to be made. now when I say low poly. I mean low polygon count. not it was box or edge modeled using polygons. you could turn on 3d snaps and draw splines directly on the high poly 3d model and a patch surface was made from the drawn splines. that perfectly matched the high poly model. since all your doing is drawing splines its fast. this is how retopolgy was done. this is well before the first sculpting program came into existence there was still another use for the high poly model. render the high poly model out then paint it onto the low poly version. if you ever wondered how games before normal mapping were able to get the low poly models to look good. that is how and there was one other use for the high poly model use it for animation in rendered cutscenes. but you did not animate it directly. because the polygon count was too high. use the low poly skinned version to animate the high poly version. using a modifier that lets you deform one mesh based on another mesh. again this is all before normal mapping. after normal mapping there was no need to do this not some of the time, every time I show someone. that has only used sculpting progams. nurbs or patches. there response is always ooh thats sculpting. the result from drawing something over and over will always be better than a single model that is animated
  4. tigral


    the inbetweens do far more than just control speed. there is an entire world there its good that your still keeping at it. I did not know that. you will learn a lot. no every art does not translate to the other. there is no shortage of people that can draw but cant paint and the opposite. your making the argument that everything is the same. relating painting and drawing. to 2d and 3d animation is a false comparison. painting and drawings are done by hand. 2d is done by hand. with 3d animation the computer does most of the work. if 3d animation had the amount of work, 2d has in it. 90% of the people currently doing 3d animation would not go anywhere near it. and that is where the problem lies. just about everyone is only doing it because they can set 2 keys and have the computer fill in the rest. that is not animation that is the computer doing math. and that is exactly what it looks like to the human eye. a computer doing math. now take 2d you have 30 drawings to make a motion. thats 30 different people with life in every drawing. now take 3d you have a single object that does not have life in it. even with morphs bone and muscle systems it can barely move. the first thing I noticed when I learned 3d was the bone system is not good for animation. the bone system is there to simulate a human skeleton. that has nothing to do with animation. a character has to be able to take on any shape. but bone systems were designed not to allow that. there really just hinges connected together. and you think that, can compete with something that can completely change shape at any time. something else 3d is up against. I draw a character preparing to punch someone then I do the follow thru of the punch. now I have to fill in the space in between. Im adding the motions, when I get to the middle image I decide. instead of doing another drawing that matches up. Im going to put a tornado there. and put a drawing that matches up after that. this just went from being a punch. to a punch generating so much force your trying to take the persons head off. on a whim. in 3d modeling a tornado will take time. doing this as a particle system will take time. setting two keys and letting the computer fill in the rest. the whim never happens. everytime you offload the work to the computer. you lose the human element. that is a constant in 2d animation. I said this before art is created when something is done by hand. the process used to make it. and the time that has to be put in to make it. all 3 are what creates the art. someone taking the time to hand make something beautiful. that can comes thru with 2d animation. with the cost of time and dedication. you cannot fake that with math. and be mindful of too much automation there is a point where the computer is doing so much of the work. that you actually cannot take credit for it what you said about canvas that is just tracing kids in elementary can do that. no kids are thinking up ghost in the shell I have done model after model but Its different. because I can draw the model with nurbs and spline modeling. you draw lines and make the models from those shapes. this was the orignal sculpting before sculpting programs. unlike polygons, the mesh that is created is loose. making it is fast and editing a loose substance is easy. so its really not difficult when done that way. you also have blob modeling where you draw a stick figure and you make a full mesh from the stick figure. takes 5 minutes but the mesh is a polygon model not loose. but you can use a brush and make changes that way. the landing for the flip
  5. tigral

    test walk

    stiffness is always a problem in 3d. you are right I have yet to do anything with the passing pose. right now the passing pose is generic. with no actual pose there. I havent got to it yet but I intend to hold the motion during the contact poses. at the very least the walk will be stronger that was good insight
  6. tigral

    test walk

    the upper body still needs work
  7. tigral


    what you dont realize the personality is always there. when being done by hand. all you had to do was stick with it. you seem to think because you have done animation where the program is doing part of the work. that bears some resemblance to animation being done by hand. it does not. your not doing 3 minutes of animation by hand in one day. that will take several days off and on. if not a week, but because you could not do it quickly you gave up. it seemed like you were learning because you were. you cant practice the principles of 2d animation. without doing 2d animation. its not possible to have more control than doing it yourself. all the curves and different key types. that you consider to be more control are imitations of whats done by using more than one drawing. but a program can only do calculations. it has no idea what is or is not art as far as a company hiring people to do in betweens. that is a large company trying to make a deadline. has absolutely nothing to do with individual learning the first animated movie to break thru with 3d was ghost in the shell. there are scenes where you know your looking at 3d. its obivious, but there are scenes where to this day. people dont know what there looking at is 3d. because they treated it no different than 2d. and painted it frame by frame. what caused people to look at 3d in a different light. was blood the last vampire. the original not the remakes. in this animation 3d is in your face thru out the whole move. but unlike all the previous times where 3d is clearly is out place and does not fit with the world. in blood the 3d is completely quiet and only there in a supportive role. to support the 2d. this is when 3d started being used for backgrounds. once everyone had evidence 3d does not have to be loud and obnoxious. or constantly break the world
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