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  1. hfd sh

    Just give me some tasks

    personal message
  2. hfd sh

    Just give me some tasks

    So, if you want you can help us. If youre interested please send me a pm so I can give you my contact data.
  3. hfd sh

    Just give me some tasks

    Hello Dm mm, If you want, you can check out my post here: I am grateful for every help i get.
  4. The revenue we will get will be fairly divided and everyone who works hard will get the same amount of money. Also we are working in unreal engine 4.
  5. And by the way, the open world isnt big at all. It wont be overwhelming or something like that. It is just to make the experience more diverse.
  6. Hey, sorry that I couldn`t answer to all of you. But Here are some details about this game: If I had to compare that game to others, i would say that the level design is kinda like dark souls. But there is a part in the world that is free to explore, with the overall feeling of Breath of the wild. So the dungeons in this game will be like dark souls and the overworld will be an open world. The cities in this game are mainly for linear story telling and accepting side quests. The style of the game will be kinda like nier automata. The characters and the story will be taking a huge part of the game. I would like to make the game that thing that made nier 1 so fantastic. A world that from the outside looks like the standard fantasy environment and characters that seem like they are stereotypes. But the more and more that game progresses, the more depth comes with it. I dont really know what the gameplay will be exactly, because i dont want to just copy the dark souls formular. I want it to be challenging, but not unfair. I want it to be fun, but no action catastrophy like just cause. What I can say is that there are two characters, that are playable. The player should be able to push a button and change the perspective to the other character. I also had the idea to make it multiplayer, and I still think that would be great, but I dont know if that would be to much work. Well, that is all I can say for now. If youre still interested, please write me a dm here and I will send you my contact data. Thank you all for your Interest! Oh, and I would like to sell it for 20 bucks. I dont care for the money, but if that game is completed I would like to make other games with higher quality. So the money would be really helpful.
  7. Hello, I`m a musician, story writer and level designer who wants to make a 3rd person action rpg in the unreal engine 4. I am working on the character models, the music and the level design. The story is already written and everything else is in my head. But I need someone to execute this. That does not mean that you're not going to have the opportunity to create something on your own, teamwork and communication is really important to me. Because of that, your opinion really matters. So if you are interested, just contact me and we are going to talk about the details. Thanks to everyone who shows interest.
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