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  1. Hey guys, Thanks for your interest in this topic! It's been a while since my initial post and a lot has happened since then. I successfully released both of my gameson Steam this spring, but I am no longer a full-time game developer. I still make profit from my sales, but I do not earn enough to make a living or finance new projects. Therefore, I became a full-time employee this January. I developed my two games after work and on weekends and it felt great to complete both of them. After that, I did not spend any time on game development for a few months and I really enjoyed free weekends and afternoons after work. 🙂 Recently, my thirst for knowledge emerged again and I started to continue my work on my game engine. I have an idea for a new game I want to create, but I have to add so many features to my game engine first. Therefore, I am working in my day job and when I have brain capacity and time left I continue working my engine. I do it very relaxed without any fix deadlines. I am currently working on two major parts: a full refactoring of my shader handling and an abstract world builder. My shaders work very well and around of it is generated from models, but I never liked the way I accessed them. So, I am working on that. The other, big topic is my world builder. I am working on a construct that takes a set of input parameters like heightmap, terrain textures, a set of models for vegetation, rocks, etc. and creates a world that can be rendered in real-time and provides interfaces for any common game logic like collision detection, picking, etc
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