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  1. Echoes of the Storm | Music for your game

    Regards! I hope you guys are doing great. I have arrived recently to this community, and for the moment I am feeling very comfortable between all of you. Great talents, and great projects. It is a pleasure for me to be in such an active and great environment. :] My name is Gerald, i live in Iceland. I think I'll stay in this community for a long time ,and I did not want to miss the opportunity to leave here my offer as a music producer, composing soundtracks for video games. I have worked on other smaller projects, but I have never been able to get the opportunity to compose a soundtrack dedicated to a video game. www.echoesofthestorm.org/listen Echoes of the Storm is my personal project as a music producer dedicated to video games or audiovisual content. I really want to participate in projects, because at the same time this means a challenge for me, and with it, greater learning and opportunity for improvement. I can compose in several musical genres, although I mainly produce orchestral, and folk music in some cases. Then I also produce heavy metal (sometimes mixing it with orchestral), and electronic music. I'll leave some audios attached in this message, but you can also listen to some more things on my website (I still have to update it a little). If you are interested in making music for your project, simply contact me and we will be able to agree. Have a great day, thanks for reading, and see you soon!
  2. You're right. I think that as a challenge and a practice, I will try to propose, for example, before starting to compose, to say to myself: "This is a scene of X thing". And then try to compose something for that scene. Thank you very much for your comment and help!
  3. Looks nice, lets check it! :] I'll give you a comment when I've tried it.
  4. Getting Real Instruments?

    A good option is to go to the nearest music school. Normally the music schools of any town (even small town) or city, have a small local orchestra. You could ask them and they sure could do you a favor. :]
  5. How are you improving your abilities?

    I try to compose every day for an hour or two. Sometimes there is simply no time, because I work and study at the same time ... But when possible, I try not to make excuses. And at least I spend two hours composing. I do not try to do a song in one day (since then I get frustrated if it does not stay the way I want). But I am composing the same song in intervals of several days. I also listen to a lot of music (obvious, right?), Also knowing new composers and new styles of music. That gives you many ideas too that you can then shape when it comes to sitting and composing.
  6. Good afternoon! I have recently joined this community. I want to learn many new things on the videogame soundtracks area . Besides being aware of the projects of others (music, videogames, scripting...), because I find something very interesting. Today I would like to share with you two themes that I have recently composed. I would like to try soon to do some tracks dedicated to being a hypothetical soundtrack, but I still need to improve a lot, and take advice from people who know about this, and who doesn't but wants to give a constructive advice :] Thank you very much. You will probably see me through other posts here in GameDev. I see that the people here are great and the community very rich in culture, ideas and good atmosphere.