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  1. Only one more week until Methodize is released on iOS Get ready for some fast reaction gaming!Entity3 is launching its latest arcade game, Methodize. A simple one touch game which challenges your reactions to the max! Addictive, fun and super fast this is the game for a novice and a master!Test your reactions and download Methodize! Three rapidly fast game modes wherein the longer you play the faster it becomes. The player’s objective is to direct the balls to the correct container to score as many points as possible before you make a colourful mistake!COMING 21ST SEPTEMBER! Follow Entity3 Limited:Web | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube
  2. Hi All, As we are getting close to launch day, there has been a lot of hard work making the gameplay smoother and less buggy when the speed really gets going. The level up speed changes are more gradual now but still challenging. 'SHIFT' mode is also now complete and will be available for the launch, it is just as quick as rapid mode but on each level up two of the containers switch position! So latest version is in TestFlight if anyone whats to beta test for us that would be awesome! Drop us a Tweet Follow Entity3 Limited: Web | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube
  3. Hi all, Back again and as promised our promo video for Methodize. Looks ok needs more content I feel but that is coming soon!... Methodize Promo 2 30.mp4
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