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  1. Hakan Ergin

    Education advise for total beginner

    Lots of great input. Thanks really. Then, let's say i decided to become a 3d artist and i want to have it as career, considering i did some modeling and abit of animation in the past, what would be a smarter education option? I can think of a bachelor, an online course (i suppose) or anything else?
  2. Hakan Ergin

    Education advise for total beginner

    Well, i guess it is not too late for studying.
  3. Hakan Ergin

    Education advise for total beginner

    Well, thanks for the insight everybody. I will think about it thoroughly. Also reading the articles suggested. However this has started to become offtopic. My question remains unanswered. If one decides to go through it, how should it be? I guess that depends on the person and their skills, if so, what are the options?
  4. Hakan Ergin

    Education advise for total beginner

    So how do you understand that one can enjoy or not? Trying unity and not pushing it any further means you are not the person for it, would you say? Playing doesn't mean you'd enjoy making them. But you need to enjoy playing in order to enjoy making, don't you agree? Or are they completely irrelevant
  5. Hakan Ergin

    Education advise for total beginner

    Well, playing games is so far my biggest passion in my 30 year old life. I am lucky enough to somewhat travelling the world since one year and all i can think of is playing games whenever i can. But again, i am 30. Which makes me realise that i have to be working again soon enough. So i cannot think of something better than spendingmy time and effort for creating them. I do not think it is much more fun than any other job, but at least the result of your work might actually be interesting to you sometimes
  6. Hakan Ergin

    Education advise for total beginner

    Yeah, unity. But i gave up on it after frustration. I would give it another try but i am reading that even though it is possible to make a game on it without coding, you are way better off with having it coded instead in order to fix bugs and everything What do you mean with game designer btw? Do you mean it is enough to have knowledge of one subject such as modelling would be enough for this
  7. Hello. I'm seeing this sort of questions are asked frequently here but here we go. I'm interested in a career of game development but I'm not sure what way would be wise to choose. Eventually I want to work in a studio designing games. I haven't attended any university education. 30 year old and living in italy. I see there are some bachelor programs for game design. Also there are bachelor degrees for computer sciences. And there's web education. Considering these programs are in public universities, these are what i can afford. A degree would take at least take 3 years to complete, not my first choice. I understand that it's best to learn a language. Does this mean learning any language (easiest one) and then working from there is an idea? I do not have almost any coding skills. I have done some 3d modeling in the past but still. What would be your advice for beginning?
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