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  1. The Emotional Music Vol. I pack focuses on beautiful and esoteric orchestral music, capable of creating truly emotive and intimate moods. It features detailed chamber strings, cello and piano as the main instruments, resulting in a subtle and elegant sound never before heard in video game royalty-free music assets. The pack includes 5 original tracks, as well as a total of 47 loops based on these tracks (long loops for simple use and short loops for custom / complex music layering). Unity Asset Store link: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/107032 Unreal Engine Marketplace link: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/emotional-music-vol-i A 15 seconds preview of each main track is available on Soundcloud:
  2. Updated to reflect the Christmas Madness 2016 Sale on the Unity Asset Store.
  3. Updated to reflect the Cyber Monday 2016 Sale on the Unity Asset Store.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm one of the creators of the Colossal Game Music Collection and, as we now approach the end of the first year in which the collection has been released, we are currently planning our first major update to it... As such, we thought it would be cool to ask you guys first about what sort of music content indie devs are most looking for and what they think it's currently missing on the asset markets. We would truly appreciate your opinions on this, as it would be crucial to improve the quality and usability of our collection. Here it goes: - Our first question is in regards to the type of music currently available to indie devs (for example "Action", "Horror", "Fantasy"...) and not just in regards to the game genre, but also to the type of instrumentation / production (for example "Electronic", "Orchestral", "Ambient"...). What type of game music asset types are you most in need these days and feel like they're lacking on the marketplaces? - The second question is in regards to how the music itself is presented in the asset packs. For instance, we have been making 5 original tracks per pack available on the collection, available as both full tracks and seamless loops (sometimes with also smaller / longer versions available, as well as multiple small loops). Do you think this is the best approach? Or would you prefer the music to be presented in any other way? Any other information you can give is also very much welcomed. Cheers!
  5. Updated to reflect the Essential Autumn 2016 Sale on the Unity Asset Store.
  6. Dylan B's music: feedback please

    I agree 100% with nsmadsen. The compositions are truly interesting, but the sound itself is of low quality. If you work on your mixing / producing skills more, I'm sure you'll be able to come up with truly wonderful tunes.
  7. This is the official Sales topic for the acclaimed Colossal Game Music Collection (100+ five-star ratings on the Unity Asset Store) and its Lite version, the Essential Game Music Collection. Updates will be made here every time a sale is taking place on either the Unity Asset Store or the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Current Sales: Christmas Madness 2016 Sale on the Unity Asset Store - - Colossal Game Music Collection at 75% OFF - https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/88190 Please feel free to post here any questions you might have about either the sales or the collection itself.
  8. Composer Requesting Feedback

    Simple but effecttive. It's cool to hear something that stands out of the overproduced trends of these days and still sounds great. Keep it up!
  9. Game Audio Survey Results

    Awesome info! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!
  10. Film & Game music feedback

    Great ambiance! You managed to creat a truly immersive cinematic atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  11. Below you can find audio previews for some of the packs included in the Colossal Collection:
  12. I'm very happy to announce that the acclaimed Colossal Game Music Collection (100+ five-star ratings on the Unity Asset Store) is now finally also available for the Unreal Engine 4! In this collection you'll find more than 3.5 GB of diverse music content taken from 11 high-quality music packs, with styles as varied as Fantasy, Medieval, Horror, 8bit, Sci-Fi, Action, Rock, Metal, Emotional... and multiple loop versions of the original tracks are available, so that you can easily use them in your games. If you buy this collection now, you'll get all future updates (new music packs) absolutely for FREE. Here's the link for the collection on the Marketplace: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/colossal-game-music-collection
  13. Music for a little horror project

    Congratulation on your work for this project! I think you did pretty much all that the film requested to be done music-wise. I do agree with the others that the mixing could be a bit more cohesive, but that is always, of course, a bit relative... If you wanted it to sound that way, then I guess it is ok. Keep it up!
  14. Really great job! I just think it could be a bit more cohesive when it comes to the use of colours, but it is nothing too noticeable... Keep it up!
  15. Feedback on pixel art for game

    The visuals are very minimalistic, but yet seem to have a "spirit" of their own... That is not easy to achieve. Nice job!
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