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    Well, while I completely agree with this post, there is something I would like to add: All I learned of OpenGL came from NeHe and GameTutorials - I'm extreamly thankful for them. It was until my last project, where I had a divided screen showing two cars (player 1 and 2) in a racing game. The game would show things like laps and the car speed on the screen, load the tracks from a file (actually, a lua script!), etc. All based on NeHe's lesson 24. But I left the code alone for some time, and when I came back, I realised the code was such a mess that I had no idea how was I suposed to implement a GUI of some sort... after all, my code was huge pile of copy&paste material. So I forgot completely about my game, got back to cplusplus.com and started learning c++ all over again... Yes, all my source codes were big Frankenstein monsters, and maybe it's all the tutorials fault. But I learned a lot just by messing around with my Frankenstein's guts. To be honest, I don't think I can even build an OpenGL aplication by myself yet, but the fact that I have a program that allows me to draw triangles in the screen has let me to build a heightmap on top of GameTutorials OpenGL 6 tutorial (it was a tutorial teaching you how to implement a free moving camera in real time.). And the lighting of the terrain was actually built by myself (ok, almost, I got the lights from NeHe, but made the normals myself), while the camera.. was a complete rip-off from CodeTutorials (and since then, all my cameras have been CodeTutorials rip-offs..). So I believe that what we have here is just newbies walking around with codes too complex for them to understand, and the problem is that they think they wrote that code, while they did not. However, once they realise this, I don't see much problems from copy&paste tutorials.
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