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  1. Jiwon Kim

    Voxelygon - Polyhedron Voxel

    Yes, my own multi-threading method. Unity support only 2 thread process, (main thread and rendering thread). Then Unity API is processed on main thread. Voxelygon support multi-threading partially. Based on Unity, so using Unity API codes does NOT multi-threading. But my own codes support multi-threading(ex : refreshing chunk, pathfinding). But, Unity Collider does NOT support multi-threading, so update mesh collider applied to chunks does NOT support multi-threading. On test, refreshing 32x32 sized chunks spent 10~12 ms. To update mesh spents 7ms(NOT multi-threading), to update inner data 1ms (multi-threading), to update rendering process 2 ms(multi-threading).
  2. Jiwon Kim

    Voxelygon - Polyhedron Voxel

    Of couse can handle caves. Voxelygon have block based BD structure. To make caves, insert VACANT block as your wish. Below show like that. Below blocks like pile shape consits of 4 blocks, and 3 vacant block, and 3 cubic blocks.
  3. Jiwon Kim

    Voxelygon - Polyhedron Voxel

    Hello, I`m ji-won, Kim in Korea. I`m developing polyhedron voxel middleware for Unity. What`s mean polyhedron vexel? See below. This middleware based on block combination. And, these blocks have various shape. So the combination of these blocks make terrain like low-poly. Below video is result of these combination. Like other voxel engines, CAN destroy rrain and generate terrain. Of course, can apply to Unity based physics effects like anti gravition and explosion. These video recorded on i3-4160 CPU with GTX 650 system. FPS range is 45~60 over while destroying and refresh. Support multi-threading for refreshing chunks. future works - pathfinding based on various size units. - huge units and partial destroying. - crafting system and support json. If you're interested, send me a mail. lagnas2000@gmail.com or lagnas2000@naver.com
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