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  1. Optimizing my brains out

    Last night I decided to completely trash my A* pathfinding, it just is not good enough for big maps and huge number of subjects. After 14 hours, everything is now re-coded and re-thinked. Now game can run 2000 population simulation at 1920×1080 resolution and maintain solid 30+ fps (tested on late 2016 Macbook Pro, i7, Radeon pro 455). Before optimizations even population of 1000 forced frame rate to drop below 20 fps . Main problem was with pathfinding and zombies human detection, but now with multithreaded pathfinding with heap-indexing and whatnots I would think that real gaming setups could easily simulate over 5000 people infections. But with great speed, comes great sacrifices My glorious civilian models were about 3500 verts each. Now they are only 413 and look horrible from close distance. But in game it does not really show. No more realistic collision detection, characters will overlap and no more zombie-piles. Collision detection is playable at 1000 humans, but after that only really beefy CPU:s can handle them (I will try to find some middle-ground solution for this).
  2. First peek to the gameplay

    Hi and welcome to my Gamedev-blog. I update here more details of game design and coding i as go along. You can also check my site for the game at https://pandemicz.net/ Okey, this is pre-alpha product but just to give some idea to the gameplay. Sorry about audio, it is recorded from external speakers. * Shooting, reloading, shells and clips are now working with pretty damn satisfying results! * 3D-audio is now implemented with 10 different screams (based on character models). A lot more of audio is coming in near future. * Automatic camera tilting is implemented. If view to player is blocked, camera tilts to show player. Bit jerky still, but it’s a start. * Blood decals have now more “realistic” shaders. * Little UI elements have been added (human and infected counters) A lot more is coming to enhance gameplay: automatic turrets, different weapons and in-game-money for example!
  3. Yello to all, I'm developing a looooong time idea of mine, that finally came to some playable design concept. Project itself is made with Unity with a lot of C# coding. I'm not really a fan of using ready scripts and there was nothing similar that I had in mind, so I ended up coding all by myself (with help of Unity basic libraries of course). PandemicZ is a game project where you are the savior of human race (or try to be). Game is a 3D top-down shooter with tower-defense elements. The backbone of the game is z-virus simulation, it starts with one human but if you do not act fast, the whole population of the world is soon infected and you will be overpowered. Idea started with simulation toy, it was fun to watch how single zombie infected human and it turned to zombie and so on. Eventually it was just horrible massacre with hundreds of zombies hording around and chasing individual people. But well, it got boring real fast and it was nothing I could distribute, so I had an idea to put player inside the whole mess of things. Give some weapons to shoot (at zombies and humans) and soon it was pretty fun (put pointless) to live inside zombie invasion. Well now I’m in progress making it less pointless by giving goals, maps, automatic turrets that player can put, money, in-game shops and god knows what comes to mind. I would really like you feedback on the subject (is the game idea any worth it) and what ever comes to your mind. So without further ado, here is my fresh blog-site on the game, please take a look and if you find it interesting, post a comments and stay tuned for updates. https://pandemicz.net/
  4. Hi everyone! I'm working on a hobby game project called "PandemicZ" top-down 3D-shooter. It is mainly a zombie infestication simulation, that tries to model how player would survive in "real" zombie outbreak. Zombification starts with one human and it spreads the virus by chasing humans and so on. Player is in the middle of randomly generated city and the goal is to survive and kill all the zombies. But the question is that what channels and how could i get some awareness to the project and get some good feedback? And maybe some help with map-building, animations and modelling? For now i only have Facebook page, where i post updates of the developement project (please, feel free to follow project): https://www.facebook.com/pandemiczgame/ For now i have pretty good simulation going on and player can shoot people and zombies, but a lot have to be done to even have beta-stage product.