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  1. DX11 Resolve a Depth/Stencil buffer

    I do not understand after all how the MSAA works. Could not we just disable it somehow in the texture? Or get a pointer to some basic texture? I do not understand yet. Excuse me.
  2. DX11 Resolve a Depth/Stencil buffer

    I just need a ready non-MSAA depth buffer. Then use it for proper rendering with non-MSAA RenderTaget (I also get it in this form!! It's non MSAA!!!! But depth buffer is MSAA as I said!! Such an outrage is happening! And no one to complain. ) . This depth buffer is given to me in this (MSAA) form - I can not change anything in the code where it comes out. I'm adding rendering a 3D model to the finished project. And thanks for taking a look! 30/5000
  3. DX11 Resolve a Depth/Stencil buffer

    Many thanks for the clarifications! I unfortunately never worked with the depth buffer in the shader. Only connected it to the output marge and that's it. And now I will try. So far, I do not quite understand how, but it is necessary. Thank you!
  4. DX11 Resolve a Depth/Stencil buffer

    I'll try. I really do not know yet in which way, but I'll try.
  5. I need to resolve the depth buffer texture. This depth/stencil buffer (ID3D11DepthStencilView*) I get every frame with such parameters (from it's desc): SampleDesc.Count = 2; SampleDesc.Quality = 0; ArraySize = 1; Format = DXGI_FORMAT_R24G8_TYPELESS; And I need a simple non-MSAA depth buffer in the end. For use it with non-MSAA RenderTarget (I already have it). As I understand, I can not do this with hardware conversion - with DeviceContext->ResolveSubresource(...). It is possible to do this through a pixel shader. (?) But I still do not understand how to do it. If anyone has a solution to this problem(resolve depth texture) through a pixel shader please show it. Thank.
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