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  1. We have been developing a 2D game for android/ios and are getting closer to completion. It's now time to start working and thinking more detailed on the graphics side. Therefor we are looking for collaboration with a creative artist who can create 2D characters, spritesheets for animation, progress map and scene backgrounds. Since the age target is quite young (5 - 13), the characters will be cartoon style characters and situated in the world of small animals, insects, wasps and beez. The main character is a nutty professor/scientist. Backgrounds will be based on cities worldwide in a forest foreground and city details in the background. Creative input on the existing engine and gameplay is appreciated and can be put on the table to match the character storyboard. We are all investing time and work in a system of revenue sharing once the game becomes active. Profit will be shared per month based with no restriction in time. If you are interested in contributing in the project and want to receive more information, then please send an email direct to jroeland@psi.de with some examples of your artwork in attachment. greetings, J. Roeland
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