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  1. Carlos Alvarez

    Matchmaking and bots

    Nice, thanks for your comments that make me take the decision, we'll do the same thing with bots
  2. Carlos Alvarez

    Matchmaking and bots

    Nice that's exactly what we want to do, can u tell me how many players your game have daily?
  3. Carlos Alvarez

    Matchmaking and bots

    Nice that is what I want to do , tell me, you are telling to your players they will be match with a bot or your players think they are against real persons?
  4. Carlos Alvarez

    Matchmaking and bots

    Thanks for the reply, I'm thinking about this and maybe I will need to do that tell the player when is matched against bot. I like your idea of early access and beta I didn't thought about that I 'll dig in that idea
  5. Carlos Alvarez

    Matchmaking and bots

    Hello guys, I'm currently making an online multiplayer game, it'll be 1vs1 at first. I've reading about matchmaking and I wonder how some brand new indie games do to have a player's base at beginning so the server is never empty. I have been thinking if is ethical use bots as fake players and that way there'll be always someone to match in? sorry my english is not my native lenguage.
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