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  1. TheUbiquitousAnomaly

    I Am Overburdened, recap and numbers

    I'm glad you didn't post a postmortem.
  2. TheUbiquitousAnomaly

    Where to find artists / designers ?

    Artstation .......? Also, the forum here can be pretty handy !
  3. TheUbiquitousAnomaly

    Game Writing test

    When I had to do the similar thing I first made a draft of the branches in one note and later took into illustrator and arranged them neatly. If at all you come across another way of presenting it do let me know !
  4. I'm a bit confused; do you want to learn game dev or are you interested in learning the fundamentals of programming?
  5. TheUbiquitousAnomaly

    Beginner in need of guidance

    this is good stuff
  6. TheUbiquitousAnomaly

    Beginner in need of guidance

    > However, I jumped straight into OpenGL. Good IDEs (the programs you use to write the program. I know, a bit Inceptiony, but...) will have a button for a complete setup to do 2D OpenGL @Embassy of Time how does this work? I've been wanting to dig into something like this but my knowledge of programming is pretty bare bones. are there particular resources you could link me to?
  7. TheUbiquitousAnomaly

    Beginner in need of guidance

    As Kylotan has said Game dev is a very challenging thing. If your end goal is to pursue this purely as a hobby you can go straight into Gamemaker and fiddle around to understand how systems work. But do keep in even with Game maker you're going to come across a lot outdated facts. To be honest most see it as a drawback but I see it as an opportunity to challenge yourself; You're always going to come across something that is either outdated or has no answer on the web no matter what package you use. The reason I stress with Unity is because it is one of the industry standard tools which is extremely beginner friendly. You're going to come across a lot of limitations with Gamemaker but as I said if all that you want to do is get a game running then that would suffice.
  8. TheUbiquitousAnomaly

    Beginner in need of guidance

    download Unity. there are tons of free assets out there to mess around with. If not make simple cubes and place them around levels. nothing has 'look' top-notch during learning process; all that matters is you understand the frameworks of the engine you're using. Gradually with time spent working on this you'll feel an affinity towards one aspect of the dev process. Don't confuse it with an Epiphany; that rarely happens in our field despite a lot of people saying so. I understand you don't feel interested to make your art now but the problem with that attitude is that this lack of desire if not handled in the very beginning will soon spread to other areas in the process. Its extremely contagious. I know you think its easy for me to say this but believe me when I tell you we've all been in the exact same position as you are. the reason i suggested Unity is because if at all one day you decide to pursue this professionally Unity is a great stepping stone for it.
  9. TheUbiquitousAnomaly

    How good is this premise?

    For a premise this is fine. But you need to add more depth so that it doesn't look similar to other titles that deal with the same topic. Also, why is this fps?
  10. TheUbiquitousAnomaly

    Predefined game stories or write as you go.

    even if you say you're going to have a 'pre-defined' story rarely doesn't one stick to its roots till the end. I usually go with a template I created early but its bound to change as the dev proceeds. this is because we always tend to a see a little bit ahead of us while we write and sometime we do forget our limitations. Pre-defined is always the way to go because you will have a certain depth to your world and you won't fill like you're blankly filling in the gaps.
  11. TheUbiquitousAnomaly

    Top Challenges of Writing for Multiplayer Games?

    I think for titles like these designers don't tend to go beyond the default template they've created.
  12. TheUbiquitousAnomaly

    Writing skills

    couldn't agree more with Kylotan. When I decided to do this professionally I was under the assumption that the writer would be in the same vein as a design lead. Boy was I wrong ! To be honest Game Writers are just glorified dialogue writers in the industry. So when sending out samples I thin this is the most important factor you have to keep in mind. Never submit a short story; it proves no point to the recruiter that you're wonderful with words or 'ideas'. I think a good way to go ahead creating a portfolio would be to step into Interactive Fiction. It kinda worked for me.
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