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  1. Game Developer Looking for Art

    Hey Paul, If you're after a rev-share model with the team check out Crowdsourcer.io, it helps to formalise it all and get everyone paid fairly. There was actually an artist on there who I know was building his ArtStation profile a bit. Let me see if I can't dig it up. Mike
  2. Hey ET, Might be worth checking out Crowdsourcer.io and using that to formalise a rev-share with all the memebers. Just a thought, good luck with the game. I'll keep an eye out for concept artists etc. Mike
  3. Hey Robert, been speaking to a couple of people who are making games on crowdsourcer.io and all probably have a place for you. It's all rev-share focussed so you'd get paid (if the game actually get's made haha). I'd check out https://crowdsourcer.io/project/68 which needs a unity programmer, and this one which is being built in unreal: https://crowdsourcer.io/project/66 Hope this has given you some inspiration. Mike
  4. Soulanity Looking for Unreal Programmer

    Game_Passion_Itself, If you should need a platform to help with selling your game and pay everyone fairly, checkout https://crowdsourcer.io.
  5. Hi guys, I've been watching this forum for a couple of weeks now and thought I'd pluck up the courage to bring Crowdsourcer.io to your attention as for many of the projects here it could be beneficial. Full disclosure though, I'm the creator of the site! In a nut shell, it's a site to help you crowdsource and distribute your projects (games in this case, but any software could be built) and then split all the profits based off of contribution by contributors. It's goal is to help devs create projects as large in scope as heavily funded projects, but without having to undertake financial risk, quit your job etc. etc. It's still early days, but if there are any people willing to take the plunge - I'm looking for that flagship project to plaster everywhere haha. Anyway, if there are any ambitious game devs out there who truly believe in a fair rev-share model please feel free to hit me up! Cheers, Mike
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