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  1. So if you don't want to make all Systems derive from a base class how should they be called then? Writing them all out manually or loop through them when having them all in a vector doesn't seem to be much difference for me. When I make 2 Classes Block and Entity would you put them in 2 vectors where are Blocks/Entitys are stored? I was thinking bout making vectors for the 4 Areas in a Cartesian coordinate system and then I can access blocks with their position as a index and when I want to check for Raycasts then I can just take the player position and directly access all blocks in a radius of x and check if they are hit.
  2. Hello, I'm currently trying to make a Minecraft Clone using OpenGL and using the ECS pattern. I didn't quite understood yet why I need the "Systems" when I already have components. My current structure I'm planing to use is this: My main problem is that I don't really know how to store the Entitys. If I for example want to attack and check which Entity I did hit then I would need to iterate through all Entity stored in my vector<GameObject> in the World Class and check if it got the Health Component and then decrease the health. Which doesn't seem very clever to me as I will probably have multiple thousands Entitys alone by the Blocks in the chunks. I did read some stuff about Handlers but didn't understood how they work or should solve the problem of iterating through all Entitys who could possible need to be called to Receive Damage. Can anyone help me? Thanks