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  1. https://www.scratchapixel.com/lessons/3d-basic-rendering/rasterization-practical-implementation look at FIgure 2: see where all the rays converge onto a single point, that's what the eye represent on the last picture i posted. the focal length is the distance this point of convergence to the image plane. the focal length matters because you need it to calculate the point of intersection between the object you are looking at to the image plane to get a 2d rasterization.
  2. wat is the value is for BZ, camera to image plane.
  3. focal length, wat value is used for this
  4. the self-taught thread profess you guys to be genius programmers at age 12 or something. so u figure you guys must know the answer the question i am stuck on. i'm programming a perspective game engine from scratch without open GL functions, and read up on how to 3d perspective work. I get the basic gist of it. one issue so far. how is focal point determined. wat value is used here. let's say if i were to create a camera for a game.
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