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    I'm starting as an indie ! Any advices ?

    I wrote an article about ideas guys back in May this year from my own frustrations with dealing with those types of individuals. You have to clear out any dead weight sometimes because most view game development as "I will set back and give my input and that should be good enough" but they will never go through the trenches themselves when it comes to game development. As for marketing well all you can do is possibly go viral but there isn't a simple answer out there to get your game noticed. Just throw them up on forums, YouTube, social media and get feedback. https://indiewatch.net/2017/05/04/no-ideas-guy-will-not-make-game/
  2. Reject Force

    I'm starting as an indie ! Any advices ?

    A functioning small demo of your game and a video of your product should be a goal to achieve and hopefully get noticed. It's a small step that should help you along on your game development path and get the input you will need.
  3. Reject Force

    Deciding on what your gameplay and design is.

    For me it was about testing an idea on a small scale to see if an idea was feasible, looking for things such as, did the mechanic really play well in action compared to what I was thinking. I would still have the plot in mind and would do my best around building a prototype that would fit my vision but a tiny scale so I could sit back and say if this were expanded would this game still be plausible and would fit the game play and design aesthetics. I went through a lot of revisions before I nailed the idea I was looking for, maybe try prototyping and tweaking it a bit and play around with your builds. It takes time but I think it's worth the effort.
  4. Salutations to the gamedev.net community! This is Russell Davis with Reject Force Entertainment, we have been working on a simple side scrolling shooter for mobile devices, currently Android is our targeted platform, we released our game early access of our game on Google Play but we are looking for some feedback on our game. Our game is a simple throwback to retro style gaming but we styled it with an arcade touch screen game pad to give it a retro feel. Our game is about a eccentric rich man who lost all his money in a unique accident and must now scour the globe to get his money back while battling the peasantry who wish to take his funds. We have two worlds available with more being developed. Tell us what you think we would greatly appreciate it. Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rejectforce.runonthebank&hl=en
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