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  1. ptietz

    Daily Bonus Logic

    Most games reset you back to 0 if you skip a day. But that gives players with less time a feeling of disadvantage. So here are some other approaches, I've encountered: "Black Squad", for instance, gives you a daily bonus, regardless of whether or not you skipped a day. It will just cycle through a list of goodies. "Warframe" is similar but has random rewards combined with milestones like "on your 50th day, you'll get that gun". "Creativerse" will give you random rewards every 4 hours instead of every day. Another, very common technique to consider would be the "daily mission" approach. It is somewhat similar but requires actual gameplay. These should be short and easy to do.
  2. Never had any issues as long as I didn't mess with the audio driver. Spotify and YouTube are both fine. Netflix (at least when run as a Windows Store App) is a different story, though, because they do mess with the audio driver. Be careful with that.
  3. ptietz

    Video game soundtrack

    Do you mean, you want to sell your stuff as temp music? Because usually, the soundtrack is very specifically composed for one particular game, not randomly chosen to hopefully match it...
  4. You're welcome Why not share your progress after your next track is finished? ^^
  5. ptietz

    Unity Rigidbody movement jitter

    So, I implemented the approach, test-wise (thx so much for the Link @Scouting Ninja!), which was fairly easy because of my existing architecture. Here's what I got: The jitter has disappeared! - Or so at least for everything around the player (or current main camera). There's a visible stutter in the frame the re-positioning occurs. I will try to optimize that if I can. (Any input on that?) Supposedly, I might have to say good bye to the idea of a fully physics-based simulation, which is, luckily, not a game-breaker. I guess, I'll have to implement a separate, non-physics-based, behavior for NPC game world objects that are out of players' sight (or the re-positioning threshold, for that matter). And then a script to switch between them, of course. Thank you all, guys, for your help!
  6. ptietz

    Unity Rigidbody movement jitter

    true, thank you very much
  7. ptietz

    Unity Rigidbody movement jitter

    So, I did a few more tests and got very close to my monitor @JoeJ What you propose sounds like a major undertaking but also like a plan. I will have to make sure that floats really are the cause and carefully think this through before I start. But it seems, you're right. I took it to the extreme this time and now even Unity says "Due to floating-point precision limitations, it is recommended to bring the world coordinates of the GameObject within a smaller range.". Thank you so much for your input! @Zakwayda Very good question! A bit surprisingly, it, indeed, seems to be the case that only the cockpit itself is affect, not the outer world (only tested with stationary objects). This suggests, that it's not a problem with the camera. But it may still have to do with the floating values.
  8. ptietz

    Unity Rigidbody movement jitter

    Thanks for the reply. Sounds like a reasonable explanation. Unfortunately, I can't seem to use doubles here as Unity's Vector3 class used by the Transport components is working with floats. Also the second approach won't work for me, either, because one of the main features of the game is that the whole space is a live simulation. Furthermore, the player is able to immediately jump into any of their ships at any time. So, I can't have jitters on ANY ship. What I call "space" here is separated into different "sectors", each composed of its own unity scene. After the calculation of their respective dimensions, a script will organize the scenes into a three dimensional grid, putting them ViewDistance/2 apart from one another. So I did another test on this as well. Eventhough, the ship's local coordinates remain around 0,0,0 with respect to the current sector, if that sector's too far off, I still get the jitter. This starts to feel like a dead end to me, yelling "go find a more suitable engine" - which would not only have me abandon tons of work (almost a year) but would also break my heart. Please, if anyone has another idea...
  9. ptietz

    Unity Rigidbody movement jitter

    Yes, my setup is as follows: - Player [RigidBody] - Ship [Mesh,BoxCollider] - Camera - Cockpit [Mesh] - Camera There are no physics components attached to the cockpit. And there's a third camera involved that renders the skydome. This one's not attached to the player object, however. Thanks for your reply
  10. ptietz

    Please, guys, need your feedback!

    To me, the camera's view angle seems a bit odd.
  11. ptietz

    Writing subjects in present and past is hard

    I believe the true reason for you to do this was boredom combined with a bit of an itch I totally feel you, man
  12. I can't help somehow loving your stuff, even though this kind of music is usually not my style. I really like your compositions. They are creative, original and feel well-crafted. You seem to have a feeling for how the instruments work and how to use them. So guts and brain seem to work together, here What you'll really have to work on is your mastering. First thing to note is that you use way too much compression on almost everything. There are a few parts in almost every piece that crack in even my best headphones. I can't tell the exact reason for the crack and the high compression (might be true compression, but also amplifying equalization, gain, distortion or pure volume), but you'll know what I mean. Also, if you're using multi-band compression, try adjusting the bands a bit differently. For example, the bass band usually doesn't surpass 120Hz. You can also safely cut everything below 20 as it'll come out as only dirty rumble. What you want is a defined and defining bass. The second thing is your stereo balancing. On the one hand, try to be a little more excentric (literally xD) and make more use of all the stereo space you have available. You've already experimented with panning and stereo-separation, mostly putting the wheels all-up. Try out the spaces in-between, try out more precise stereo separation or phase inversion (delay can do a lot, too). It'll make your mixes so much richer. On the other hand, try to put everything to mono that is of thin texture or otherwise doesn't need to occupy as such space in the stereo spectrum as they do now. This will be especially impactful for your basses that will benefit from this by sounding much more distinct and punchy. Believe me, learn your mastering and your already awesome compositions will learn to shine
  13. Hi everyone! So, I have this rather complex Unity project, I've been working on for the past months. So I will try to narrow it down to only the most relevant parts. The game's core is pretty much your standard space sim, meaning you're flying your spacecraft through open space. To do that, I have a "Player" GameObject in the scene's root. The Player has a Rigidbody (3D) attached, and a simple box collider. And it has two child objects: One is the actual ship (incl. meshes, etc.) to be used for the simulation and outside camera views. The other is the cockpit (also containing meshes) to be rendered on top of the main camera's image by another camera. The ship is then moved by applying force (and torque) to the Rigidbody. So far, everything seemed to work smoothly. But I discovered, that if a coordinate exceeds about 20k on any axis, I get a very visible stutter/jitter in the cockpit. Will I really have to re-scale my whole game into miniature wonderland or did I overlook something? It might be important to note, that as soon as I get the jitter, I can make it worse by changing course in any direction. Also, returning to my starting point (thus, putting coords into "working parameters" again) won't cancel the jitter. Neither flying back nor setting the coords by script will help. Any idea will be much appreciated. Thank you very much
  14. Sure, have a look at the @todo comment annotation (or in c# I believe it's ///TODO). Every good IDE has a way of listing all these todo lines with their comment, file and line number. Good luck with your project
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