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  1. i found it thanx to my friend. check it out. makes chatting with ppl very fun, especially with all the actions you can do there. SPAM-- REFERRAL URL DELETED [Edited by - Ravuya on August 10, 2005 4:18:54 PM]
  2. nevermind. i had to add #define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0501 before including Windows.h.
  3. ok, i wrote a simple prog just to test the function (console app) : #include "windows.h" void main() { INPUT mouseInput; mouseInput.type = INPUT_MOUSE; mouseInput.mi.dx = 10; mouseInput.mi.dy = 10; SendInput(1, &mouseInput, sizeof(mouseInput)); } it fails to compile and says : "error C2065: 'INPUT' : undeclared identifier" but it does know what INPUT is. it gave me context menus when i defined the mouseInput. stuff... what does this mean?
  4. i have a program which has no automated controls. this program changes various things in my comp, but i have to click in that program to make the changes. so i want to make a program which automatically launches the other prog, clicks a few things in it, types a few things in it, and then closes that program at acertain time interval, like every 12 hours.
  5. ok, thanx a lot guys :) 1 more little question. how do i star another program and set the focus to it from within c++? like if i want to execute c:\something.exe from within my app, and make it be in focus so i can use the mouse conrol on it?
  6. hey guys... i need help with something. i'm building an app in visual c++ and i need to know how to make my app actually move the mouse curson from position to position and "make" it left click. i thought to do it with sending a message to the message loop, but i wanted to check with you guys as to how to do it, just to be sure. thanx.
  7. hey all... iv'e just installed Fedora Core 3, and i would like to know of any beginner tutorials on opengl programming in linux. i have some opengl experience in windows, though now i'm focusing on D3D9 in windows. i don't have hardware accelerated drivers installed for the Radeon yet, but that shouldn't be a problem, i can use sofware emu for now. anyone has any suggestions? thanx... o, and i already tried google...
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