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  1. Never found that while searching. Anyways seems that I cannot mix OpenGL with SDL_Renderer: proof. If you see the "example" link I'm using OpenGL.
  2. I've been developing a 2D Engine using SFML + ImGui. Here you can see an image The editor is rendered using ImGui and the scene window is a sf::RenderTexture where I draw the GameObjects and then is converted to ImGui::Image to render it in the editor. Now I need to create a 3D Engine during this year in my Bachelor Degree but using SDL2 + ImGui and I want to recreate what I did with the 2D Engine. I've managed to render the editor like I did in the 2D Engine using this example that comes with ImGui. 3D Editor preview But I don't know how to create an equivalent of sf::RenderTexture in SDL2, so I can draw the 3D scene there and convert it to ImGui::Image to show it in the editor. If you can provide code will be better. And if you want me to provide any specific code tell me. Thanks!
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