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  1. thank you @Kylotan, for the suggestions! I appreciate it a lot! There is lots to chew on here! -Fotis
  2. good catch Tom; my bad! I meant graphics design (answering jpetrie's question whether I'm interested in "Programming, graphics design or UI work") - never meant to imply game design
  3. Thank you Tom, very empowering! I've discovered your site a few days now and have been reading through - I had missed that particular lesson/article! thank you for putting all that out there your work, your website is a treasure trove! As for the book What Color is your Parachute - well, I've seen so many mentions of it, but never directed towards me! I'm definitely getting a copy now!
  4. Thank you @Kylotan for the feedback! Interesting point on smaller/indie companies - I imagined that I might be more suitable to them, but hadn't thought of how easy/difficult it would be to approach them!
  5. hey @jpetrie thanks for the kind feedback! Actually these are very good points about company sizes and skill demands! In my very crude way of thinking I had assumed that small studios could benefit from the ability to wear multiple hats (UI,UX,2D, some 3D graphics and my coding ability even though I'd rather not focus on that) so I thought that, that a less specialized level in all of these skills would be expected! Whereas in a bigger studio I'd have to pick one where I'm good at and compete with specialists - would you say there is some misunderstanding here? Now to the questions, - ideally I'd love to be doing 2D concept art, followed by 2d environment and 2d character art - that is definitely graphics design, not UI/UX or programming - but I am not sure of how competitive I am. I've heard that UI/UX is my strongest (that's where I have most experience too, but would rather focus doing art). - My work experience thus far has mostly been small teams (never more than 7 people) where I was the only one hired for my job (ie the sole IT guy in the office, the sole developer, the sole designer working on the project) so I'm used to wearing multiple hats and be working unsupervised - but I crave for scaling-up, the motivation and learning opportunities that having peers and a big project can give you. So any 7+ people company that is financially stable sounds interesting as long as as there are 3+ people doing art on the project - I no longer wish to be the lone wolf in the design ! - As for relocating, I don't mind going any place (even though staying within the EU seems easier for the interviewing process).
  6. hi people! I'm trying to land a job in the video games industry (I don't mind if it's a low end mobile studio as long as it's a stable job) I have a BSc in CS, and some years of work experience in programming, graphics design and UI/UX design. I also have some game prototypes (art/animation/scripted by myself) and I'm hoping of doing 2D art (characters/environment) on video games. However I'm willing to put to use any one and all of my other skills if my character/environment drawing skills are not up to the task, whereas something else makes me a candidate. After all I need to get my foot through the door! I seriously lack industry insight, so it would be very helpful if you could have a look at my portfolio and come up with some feedback/critique and some suggestions on what job positions/company sizes should I be tailoring my search towards! Feel free to be blunt/honest, I am in serious need of a reality check :-) Thank you so much, -Fotis
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