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  1. zarloo

    Balance the Bottle!

    iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1310172527 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kraa.balance.bottle.cap
  2. Hey y'all, So I just released my game Balance the Bottle to very warm feedback on various forums. I'm super happy with the response so far. It's very simple, very minimalist, but also very challenging. Hopefully also addicting. You can get it on iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1310172527 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kraa.balance.bottle.cap I'm super open to feedback!
  3. zarloo

    Which is better? (2d, android)

    This is pathetic -- you guys are doing nothing but giving this developer a false sense of self-confidence which will sooner or later vanish in the face of the reality of the market -- aka when nobody plays his game. You are just doing useless A/B testing. How about helping this developer improve upon their understanding of art fundamentals instead of lathering his ego? Start with this:
  4. You know what, I actually have a lot of respect for what you said. I totally agree with and support you! My assumption was that you needed to make a successful game right now, fast! But not everyone's situation is similar to mine, so that was wrong of me to assume. You should totally explore the visual side of games at your own pace. However, I still think it could be very helpful/insightful for you to have a broader visual "library", so here are some pretty games I know of: seabeard Don't Starve (series) Limbo Papers, Please Donut County Sacramento Nour Mark of the Ninja The Unfinished Swan Inks Lumino City Germ Scope KAMI 2 The Trip Neko Atsume Superbrothers Swords of Ditto Wytchwood Night in the Woods Nidhogg Miximal No Man's Sky EMPORIUM Outline Bulletin LOOT RASCALS INK Thumper The Night Journey Manifold Garden Grim Fandango
  5. zarloo

    Which is better? (2d, android)

    Listen, every comment on this thread except mine is useless to you. If you want to improve, you need to do the following: find a book on basic color theory and read it.
  6. zarloo

    Need Help Choosing Art Style

    Bottom one is definitely more appealing but both are bad, sorry. Aesthetics are extremely important in selling/marketing games today. My pro-tip: take a look at the Klondike Collective http://klondike.fr/ and try to emulate their minimalist, poppy art styles. I know your game is set in a medieval setting, but having some beautiful, popping colors in a medieval world would be super interesting because not many people have done it! In comparison, almost every game set in a medieval world has the brownish, grayish "realistic" style you are using right now. IF YOU WANT TO SELL A GAME, IT HAS TO LOOK UNIQUE. Period.
  7. zarloo

    Which is better? (2d, android)

    I mean no offense and I'm truly sorry I have to say this but none of the other comments have been remotely helpful: both look absolutely terrible. In your shoes I would find a designer friend to teach me, read up on some basic color theory and read up on some basic rules of composition. I estimate 6 months of hard work until you get to a market-ready level.
  8. zarloo

    Critic my new Android game

    The concept is nothing novel, but the steampunk-y thematic is charming and the aesthetics are good! Unfortunately, you need to make your game more emotional if you want to make it really sell. Emotion is what sells on the market and your game doesn't have much of any. But it's a great start!
  9. No offense, but your game looks bad -- I want you to try something which could help you make it look good. I want you to do the following (this may sound weird, but trust me on this): Go to the website of one of the following artists: https://www.illustratoren.de/en/illustrator/Nick-Diggory/36 http://www.quentinvijoux.com/illustrations/ http://eranhilleli.com/ And carefully study his/her illustrations. Then copy his art style as best as you can. Try to imagine if he would draw your game what would it look like? Draw that. Straight up copy his colors, if need be, anything to make it look good!
  10. I'm developing a game in Unity for the HTC Vive where I need to make 3D geometry disappear in front of the player if he gets too close so there isn't a weird moment where he is in front of a wall and then suddenly looking inside it. A transition of sorts. But I also don't want the whole wall/object to disappear, rather just the part the player is moving through... This is basically what I want to do, but in a different context. Does anyone have any idea how it's done?
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