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  1. Need to map Xbox360 controller.

    I got it for free. Can't remember where but it shows up in Windows tab, i click run installer. It keeps saying to drag the InputManager script into Inspector, but there is no such script. Can YOU please share yours.
  2. Need to map Xbox360 controller.

    I cant. IT won't install
  3. Need to map Xbox360 controller.

    I tried Rewired. It wouldn't install
  4. Need to map Xbox360 controller.

    Hey Thanks! I managed to get it for free though xD.
  5. Need to map Xbox360 controller.

    I have a Logitech Gamepad F310, The reason I said it was Xbox360 is because my computer treats it like such. I can map my controller buttons to jump, but I CAN NOT map the left trigger to the keyboard left shift to run. Can someone help me out? I'm using Unity BTW.
  6. [UNITY] Character Control Problem

    I multitask I was on Unity and Chrome with dual monitors. Also, it worked
  7. [UNITY] Character Control Problem

  8. [UNITY] Character Control Problem

    Yes, and that DID happen with a rig.It animates well, and rotates, but wont move
  9. [UNITY] Character Control Problem

    So, I opened Unity today, fiddled with my character models, and it appears any asset i import, they rotate but they dont move. If I import a Character from Unity Technologies, It works perfectly.
  10. FollowPlayer Problem

    Thid doesn't work. It doesn't do the walking/running animation and it pushes you off the plane.
  11. FollowPlayer Problem

  12. Unity or Unreal

    You got discord? Also what is your stream schedule? If you do have discord add me Fritz0604
  13. FollowPlayer Problem

    I just made a script called FollowPlayer.cs. Here's the script: using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class FollowPlayer : MonoBehaviour { public int speed; public GameObject player; void Update () { Vector3 localPosition = player.transform.position - transform.position; localPosition = localPosition.normalized; // The normalized direction in LOCAL space transform.Translate(localPosition.x * Time.deltaTime * speed, localPosition.y * Time.deltaTime * speed, localPosition.z * Time.deltaTime * speed); } } I added my gameObject and a capsule collider to the follow model, but whenever it follows me, it hovers in the air and tries to push me off the plane
  14. Unity or Unreal

    Would you like to make a game together? WE can both collaborate on a project. I've thought of some Ideas myself, but i need help putting them in a game
  15. C# Peek through door

    Would you like to be my Unity game design partner?
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