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  1. Hi. I assume most of you are familiar with Telltale Games. Since the telltale tool isn't public, I was wondering if It is possible to achieve MCSM graphics in Unity. Of Course, I will not be making the whole game, I'm just wondering if the graphics are possible in Unity
  2. Timothy Sharp

    [UNITY] Item bobbing

    Please explain and I can not parent it to a bone because i'm using a fps controller
  3. Timothy Sharp

    [UNITY] Item bobbing

    I would like to know how I can make held items bob while the player is walking/jumping. I am using unity and c#. Thanks!
  4. Timothy Sharp

    Is this normal?

    Thank you for the tip!
  5. Hi. I am making my first game and I need a good modelling software that has the ability to model characters and items
  6. Timothy Sharp

    C# 2D Movement Script [UNITY]

    I am working on a 2d movement script. I got my character to move but once i press the key it keeps going. Here are my settings and script.
  7. Timothy Sharp

    C# Pickup script

    I haven't tried anything because i don't know how do do it. Try this. Skip through it until the player picks something up and you'll see what i want Yes, I am using Unity. Sorry, I forgot i put it in my last reply
  8. Timothy Sharp

    C# Pickup script

    WHAT I WANT: I want a script that spawns a object anywhere and then you walk up to it and press e and then the item switches over to your hand. This mechanic can be seen in Bendy and the Ink Machine
  9. Timothy Sharp

    Is this normal?

    Is it normal that I want to switch in and out of game developement? Let me explain. Sometimes, I'm like "Nah, too much work", and other times, I'll be like "You know what? I WILL make a game"
  10. Timothy Sharp

    Game Creation Time

    How much money are game jams?
  11. Timothy Sharp

    Game Creation Time

    What would be a reasonable amount of time a SIMPLE game could be made? Assuming I don't goof off and I am dedicated?
  12. Timothy Sharp

    Axe Swing Anim

    I apologize if this is in the wrong place, move it if it is. Where can I find a swing animation for my axe I modeled with Autodesk Maya? I'm making a game with Unity3D and the game requires an Axe
  13. Timothy Sharp

    TWD in Unity

    That sounded harsh
  14. Timothy Sharp

    TWD in Unity

    What would be a good Starter project? If you know Bendy and the Ink Machine, would a recreation of that be hard?
  15. Timothy Sharp

    TWD in Unity

    I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, but is it possible to create The Walking Dead inside of Unity? I'm not talking about just the world. I mean the choice system, movement system, cursor, and everything the walking dead has. Now, just wondering, is it possible to have the same shader as The Walking Dead games? EDIT: I do have some knowledge with Unity.
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