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  1. Timothy Sharp

    Game Creation Time

    How much money are game jams?
  2. Timothy Sharp

    Game Creation Time

    What would be a reasonable amount of time a SIMPLE game could be made? Assuming I don't goof off and I am dedicated?
  3. Timothy Sharp

    Axe Swing Anim

    I apologize if this is in the wrong place, move it if it is. Where can I find a swing animation for my axe I modeled with Autodesk Maya? I'm making a game with Unity3D and the game requires an Axe
  4. Timothy Sharp

    TWD in Unity

    That sounded harsh
  5. Timothy Sharp

    TWD in Unity

    What would be a good Starter project? If you know Bendy and the Ink Machine, would a recreation of that be hard?
  6. Timothy Sharp

    TWD in Unity

    I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, but is it possible to create The Walking Dead inside of Unity? I'm not talking about just the world. I mean the choice system, movement system, cursor, and everything the walking dead has. Now, just wondering, is it possible to have the same shader as The Walking Dead games? EDIT: I do have some knowledge with Unity.
  7. Hello. I have some animations to go to a window and look through it and, if the user presses e key, will go through it. How can I script this to occur with the proper animation?
  8. I'm wondering if Indie game designers play their own games. Do they, like for fun?
  9. Timothy Sharp

    Coding my own game engine in Java

    Wanna help me develop?
  10. I don't feel comfortable with Unity or Unreal, so i'm coding my own engine. Should I make it public or keep it private just for me?
  11. just to test out my animations, let's say i had a trip animation. How would I code a script to where my character would fall it mud and their clothes would become all muddy? I saw this in a game on Unreal 3 but is this possible with Unity?
  12. How can I make my character go under a bed or table and then lock the y axis? They're still be able to look around, but i want the Y axis locked while under a bed so you can only use the horizontal axis
  13. Timothy Sharp

    Need to map Xbox360 controller.

    I got it for free. Can't remember where but it shows up in Windows tab, i click run installer. It keeps saying to drag the InputManager script into Inspector, but there is no such script. Can YOU please share yours.
  14. Timothy Sharp

    Need to map Xbox360 controller.

    I cant. IT won't install
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