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    Nodularity - Exploring, hacking, dominating

    Thanks for the feedback My intention is to go for very very hacker-esque graphics. I agree that Soundtrack will definitely improve the experience. The gameplay is still very raw, and I absolutely agree that it needs a lot of improvements. The video is an example of a node capturing process. There will be other gameplay like managing your defenses, and CryptoCurrency mining. The intention is to make it a massive open world game (not really sure what the term is; By open-world I mean in the Clash of Clans style, where every player has access to every other player). I have one dilemma: Do I go for a true-to-life hacking experience? Or do I implement a set of commands only in the game, that are simpler to understand. The second will make the game more approachable, but the first can potentially increase the depth of gameplay.
  2. Hello! I recently came up with the idea for a game of mine, after recently learning some things about Cybersecurity (Am currently studying at a CyberSec course). The basic idea is a game which literally puts you in a hacker's perspective, in which you have to defend your own nodes (computers), while trying to hack into others'. A full writeup of the idea can be found here: https://medium.com/@ravernkoh/just-another-probably-unoriginal-idea-d90df7fe2a4b?source=linkShare-77b52fb3a700-1505186206 What the core gameplay might look like: https://asciinema.org/a/137273 This is just a example of what the core gameplay might look like. The final product will definitely have a better GUI. By posting here, I'm hoping to gain some feedback on whether this game might be fun, and how to improve and expand on this basic concept Cheers, Ravern
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