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  1. mullich

    OpenGl and Cocoa

    I have another problem. While resizing, view updates lag behind, so there is white (MacOS 10.8) or black (MacOS 10.12) frame near the border which I'm resizing. I'm using WindowDidResize event, is this correct? I've also tried StartLiveResize and EndLiveResize, but it's even worse. Oh, and I looked up examples of resizing OpenGL in Cocoa, and they recommend calling glViewport, but it only helps then I'm decreasing size of window, not increasing it.
  2. mullich

    OpenGl and Cocoa

    Thanks for answers. I think I'll stick to NSOpenGlView then.
  3. Hello, I'm making a graphical application for Mac OS. I've found several examples of how to create a context on Cocoa form, but all of them involve either NSOpenGlView, or custom view. The question is, is it possible to create a context directly on a window? I'm asking this mostly because of speed concerns, NSOpenGlView clearly renders to a buffer and then draws it on screen.
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