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    Something Ate My Alien

    You are the AI of a very skilled mining ship called Antalasia, currently cruising the remote solar system Bitiax looking for mining opportunities. While peacefully scanning for elements on the nearest planet Metis, Antalasias systems are suddenly taken offline and the ship turns dark for a second before being booted up again with all computer screens flashing “Intrusion detected”. Under control of a pirate ship, you must send down your faithful aliens to the planets below and battle to find the loot that the pirate is demanding! More In-depth: A 2D digging, adventure puzzle game with some retro feel reminding us of the amazing first digger games such as BoulderDash that we knew when we were younger. That is the type of game me and my partner wanted to create as our very first joint project for our studio “RoKabium Games”. Both being avid gamers we hadn’t seen many games in that genre that focused more on the actual digging being the main element rather than being an action plat former or survival and crafting sandbox with the occasional digging part. So last year we started working and planning for our game “Something Ate My Alien”. We knew early on that for a 2-person team to pull of creating a whole video game we had to have a planning structure for a game that wasn’t too large or complicated. So early ideas of making a full blown 3D, interactive, huge sandbox with multiplayer alternatives was just not gonna be a good starting point. We scaled down the idea of a huge concept and decided to rely more on our existing skill set in the game industry. We decided to focus on a more manageable core of that we ourselves would like to play and what we believed other people would also enjoy to play. A finite game story of about 10 hours game play from start to finish, something fun and charming with just the right amount of action/digging/puzzles ratio. We also knew that our game would show quality and engaging graphics being hand painted by myself and it would all be done in a style that would ooze retro, hand painted, uniform and a beautiful game with easy to navigate and clear game mechanics and graphics. We wanted it to be a lighthearted but a addictive little gem suitable for a both younger and a more adult audience. Our game would be exactly how we envisioned it since it would be the labor of our own vision, not working for anybody else. As a digital artist with several years experience in working for game studios and painting game assets, backgrounds, icons, characters etc and being part a team of other game developers, I did have some much needed experience in understanding just how much art is needed for a complete game. Even the smallest game contains more art pieces than you might think. For example, for every animation you do in 2D graphics you have to paint a new image and each animation can have anything from a very basic 5 frames up to 30-40 frames. So for each enemy you draw for example you need to also draw that enemy having an idle position, a walking cycle, a running cycle, an attack cycle, a dying cycle, a jumping cycle etc. So for one single enemy in a game you might have to produce up to around 100 images. Add to that, our game would have at least 10 different enemies for each level and we have designed our game to have a total of 4 levels. Each game level or planet as it is represented in SAMA is built up with a set of ground tiles that has seamless tiling for a smooth and more realistic look. For each tile-set I’m designing 6 variants so the illusion of random and unique ground that looks like it is not repeating. Each world has 4 unique tile types to add variation for the digging mechanics and giving the player more varied game play. On top of normal ground tiles we have variants of 20 unique decals and edges created to blend different types of ground together better and adding even more realism. Inside the ground tiles you can as a player find all kinds of loot. So far I’ve designed 25 unique minerals, 9 different type of gemstones, 8 different kind of gases (each with animation cycles), 28 types of artefacts, 12 different types of complete fossilized animals which consists of 62 separate type of bones to find. There are teleporters, oxygen stations, health hearts, energy boosts, lamps to light up the dark caves, secret doors with puzzle areas to solve to get rare loot or upgrades. There are icons for every item and enemy you can find. All of these visual elements are hand painted by myself and still this is just the bare base of each planet level. When designing the UI for the game we both wanted it very neat and tidy look, using our main colour scheme of blue-green-warm yellow that I first came up with during the conceptual art at the beginning of the project. I also wanted some elements to have somewhat of a computer screen/electronic look with glowing outlines to emphasize that you as the player are the actual AI of the ship and the UI you see is the computer interior. While continuing painting and designing the artwork for SAMA we are getting closer to a first Alpha of the game and we are hoping that with the help of feedback from gamers around us and people interested in our game we can develop a game that is incredibly fun and beautiful to play. See more over at our website: Somethingatemyalien.com or Steam page at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1047870
  2. RoKabium Games


    Images & screenshots from "Something Ate My Alien" game by RoKabium Games.
  3. RoKabium Games

    Tartarus bedrock

    From the album: SAMA

    The blocks you mine has different hardness and characteristics. The most common type is of a medium strength, and then you can find softer and harder ones while digging. Blocks that cannot be mined at all are distinctively different and also has a red marker around them if you aim at them.
  4. RoKabium Games

    Item Info Window

    From the album: ScreenShotSaturday

    It's #screenshotsaturday! This week you can see the new item info window in the middle of the screen showing details about each item. It should help with knowing what you need to find next! Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1047870/
  5. RoKabium Games


    Keeping up with the twitter hashtag of screen shots on Saturday!
  6. RoKabium Games

    Energy shards

    From the album: SAMA

    The new building system in our next update requires Energy shards that are needed to build your upgrades for the mining equipment. Find them hidden in some chests and occasionally dropped by enemies you defeat.
  7. RoKabium Games


    From the album: SAMA

    Katiom is a rare 5 sided crystal consisting of Deranium carbonate. Since it can only be formed during very specific super cool conditions Aura is the only known place in the Bitiax system you can find it. This fictitious mineral texture is inspired by Malachite and Opal.
  8. RoKabium Games

    Tartarus enemies - Monodon

    From the album: SAMA

    Tartarus enemies - "Monodon" is a creature partly consisting of molten rock and is therefore extremely hot to the touch. The steam coming off this strange animal burns through any suit so be careful when digging above it.
  9. RoKabium Games

    PC New Inventory UI

    From the album: ScreenShotSaturday

    For today's #Screenshotsaturday, this is our new Inventory screen. We've been redesigning how the inventory works and making it more simpler to help people understand things better. Hopefully we've pulled it off!
  10. RoKabium Games

    Alien walking cycle

    From the album: SAMA

    Since you ever only see the Alien quite small on the screen in our game SAMA, we thought you might want to see more detail on how the animation looks at a bigger size. In the game the selected weapon or digging laser goes on the top of the stick above it's head.
  11. RoKabium Games

    Crystals on Aura blocks

    From the album: SAMA

    Auras thick ice blocks are sometimes covered by an intricate crystal forming kind of plant. It gets nutrients from the micro organisms living in this frozen world.
  12. RoKabium Games

    Metis enemies - Ribbet

    From the album: SAMA

    Metis enemies – "Ribbet" is a flying animal that is attracted to movement. It also delivers a nasty bite.
  13. Alpha Changes We've been busy the last month implementing changes suggested from our Alpha testers. Inventory Changes have mostly been around inventory and the pirate list. We realized that the way the pirate ransom list worked was a bit hard to follow and generally was looked at as being a 'grind' rather than fun. So we have changed it so that there are no groups and it's just individual items that are now on the list. This meant we could remove the ransom list screen (no one really went to that screen), and everything is now on the inventory screen. The pirate automatically takes any ransom the player owes him as they teleport back up to the ship. Upgrades We've also changed how upgrades are acquired. Previously each item had a sell value, and were sold to accrue 'Units'. Upgrades were obtained with Units. Again, this didn't seem rewarding, and people just click-click-clicked to sell everything all the time. So, we've changed it to be a more 'crafting' like process. Items aren't sold any more, instead they are now used to build upgrades. Each upgrade now has a requirement of items (For example, one of the laser upgrades requires: 5 Grittium, 2 Gumom & 1 Hingle Bingle) that the player needs to find before they can build them. Units have been removed, and now each item has an 'Energy' cost along with the item requirements. Energy is found in the worlds in the puzzle chests, and also randomly dropped when enemies are killed. Tutorial After watching some of the Alpha players uploaded playthrough videos, we saw that they were not understanding some parts of the game or mechanics. We had little message popups to explain things, but they were either just ignored or closed quickly. So we have introduced a 'Tutorial' section (Can be skipped) at the beginning of the game. When a new game is started, the computer AI will talk through the mechanics of the game. The player now gets the chance to actually do the things, in a controlled setting. This way they can directly learn about how to play, what keys do what and how to use items etc. There are 3 main sections to the tutorial, where the player is guided through an easy section at the beginning of the first level. Metis layout We have also made the game a little bit more 'linear'. We have noticed from watching the play throughs, and also comments back to us, that people were feeling 'lost'. They didn't really have any direction in where to go, especially at the beginning in Metis. So for Metis, we have made it more linear and it follows a more defined 'path'. It's not fully linear, and the player can still mine in any direction and move about freely. It now guides them through the level with more with walls (blocks that can't be mined) etc. This should help the player in the beginning and not overwhelm them with such wide open areas. The other levels have not changed too much in this regard. Tartarus and Lelantos were previously more guided than Metis anyway, and Aura is still a lot more 'open'. Hopefully this will start the player off on a more direct path and help them understand the game better. Minimap The minimap has had a bit of an upgrade. Along with other Upgrades you can build, there is now an 'Item' scanner. This upgrade allows the minimap to show up to 3 different items, so they can be found easier. It only shows them in areas that have already been seen, but it should help in finding specific items needed for other upgrades. A new button to stop the map following the player helps with navigation. Regarding upgrades, there is also a new scanner for graves, another suit protection for cold, and an extra level for the Lock Jaw device. Going Forward So, that was a lot of work in the last month! We still have lots to do. We want to enhance the enemies AI, enhance and polish the boss scenes and add Steam Achievements. Some other things we are looking at are full controller support, Linux & Mac support and the possibility of localization in other languages. We had touted that our release date would be Autumn 2019. That would be possible, but we would have to drop quite a few things to get that done. Also, we have been working close to 100 hrs a week for far too long and that has taken a toll on our productivity and life. So we have made the decision to delay the release a bit. Ideally we would probably only need to extend by 2-3 months, but that puts us near Christmas and the winter sales. Generally this seems to be the time when small Indie developers should avoid releasing their games. So, we have to push it out to early 2020. We feel this is the most ideal solution for making our game the best it can be for our players. We would like the final part of the game to be finished how we want it to be rather than rushing to complete it and it not being the game we hoped for. Wishlist We're also still busy trying to grow our community and Steam Wishlist. Click the link below to go and add our game to your Wishlist or see some more screen shots and our trailer video. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1047870/Something_Ate_My_Alien/ Hopefully all the above will mean we will release a fun and complete game, and we still have fun finishing it Rob & Kat.
  14. RoKabium Games

    Lelantos mayhem

    From the album: ScreenShotSaturday

    Our Alien was successfully taking out lots of enemies that were attacking when the big boss decided to show up from underneath his feet. Time to run!
  15. RoKabium Games

    Treasure chest

    From the album: SAMA

    Chests are hidden until you solve certain puzzles. They always contain goodies and tokens that are necessary to proceed to the next planet so make sure to not miss any of them!
  16. RoKabium Games

    Metis exploring

    From the album: ScreenShotSaturday

    Showing some of the new background decals of old ruins on Metis for this Screenshot Saturday. We're improving the environment in the caves to try and bring a more visually pleasing experience for players. What do you think?
  17. RoKabium Games

    Metis Enemies - Eff

    From the album: SAMA

    Metis enemies – "Eff" is one of the biggest cave creatures and it will deliver huge amount of damage if charging you. The skeleton contains Robinium so once killed it may drop sufficient amount of the mineral for the player to pick up.
  18. RoKabium Games

    Minerals - Aspium

    From the album: SAMA

    Aspium is a common and native mineral found on Tartarus and the design for this stone is very much inspired by Gold nuggets. In our game it is highly sought after and therefore will likely end up on the ransom list of items you need to find.
  19. RoKabium Games

    Metis enemies - Ovaline

    From the album: SAMA

    Metis enemies – "Ovaline" is a static plant with a corrosive and poisonous gel sack that will rupture if you get too close.
  20. RoKabium Games

    Tartarus heat

    From the album: ScreenShotSaturday

    For this Screenshot Saturday we are enjoying the warm summer weather but we can guarantee it's not as hot as it is down in the caves on Tartarus. Luckily the suit our Alien is wearing can withstand very extreme temperatures.
  21. RoKabium Games

    Metis ruins

    From the album: SAMA

    The now extinct Parpuins built basic wooden and metallic structures and the oxygen deprived atmosphere in the underground on Metis has preserved some of them. If you are lucky you might discover a few of these while exploring.
  22. RoKabium Games

    Puzzle block mosaic

    From the album: SAMA

    The puzzles in SAMA are based on coloured blocks that need to fit into specific coloured pockets either on their own and sometimes put together like a mosaic. It might sound easier than it is, but all puzzles have an increasing complexity and factors such as obstacles, gravity and magnets will test your ability to solve them.
  23. RoKabium Games

    Riverine has new design

    From the album: SAMA

    The Riverine design looking like a snake didn’t work very well with the animation so we re-designed this creature to look more like a colourful caterpillar type of animal.
  24. RoKabium Games


    From the album: SAMA

    Your Alien always gets transported to the last teleporter that was used. If you find it hard to find the nearest one while exploring, consider buying the ”Teleporter scanner” upgrade from the customization screen.
  25. RoKabium Games

    Metis Enemies - Arrog

    From the album: SAMA

    Metis enemies – "Arrog" is slow but has a very strong outer shell. It can’t jump but it does expel damaging projectiles in all directions when approached.
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