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  1. ShadowRider320

    Visual Novel Project

    Hello! I am looking for people willing to collaborate with me on any number of visual novel ideas I have. I have created the writing process for a few of them and would share the plot, characters, overall concept (etc.) of each one prior to making a joint decision. I'd also be willing to work on other people's visual novel idea! I have Tyrano Builder, which I know how to use (minus getting fancy with coding) and can help with the writing. I am looking for artists (character, background, etc). and anyone who may have more experience with visual novel programs and coding. I apologize for purposely keeping it vague, but my intention is to not put up any ideas so that people who join the team can decide on which story idea they like more, but I do have plenty of details for each one. I would love to form a team of people who love visual novels and want to create one together!
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