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  1. KingdomFighter74

    Beginner in need of guidance

    I have a mac. Is there an equivalent to paint?
  2. KingdomFighter74

    Beginner in need of guidance

    I don't know. I'd rather just start with something a bit more simple and with ready made tutorials. I'm not against Unity, I'd definitely like to use it one day, but I think to start with a basic 2D engine would be better since I have zero knowledge on this matter.
  3. KingdomFighter74

    Beginner in need of guidance

    I have a friend who used Unity and immediately dropped it because the tutorials on the website are outdated. Apparently, the new version is different and the practice tutorials aren't adjusted to it. He spent two hours looking around for the right code just for the Space Shooter tutorial.
  4. KingdomFighter74

    Beginner in need of guidance

    I just don't want to get into the engine and realize that it's blank and I have to create my characters or environments in a separate program. I know there is a sprite editor in GameMaker for characters, but I haven't found anything that suggests that environments can be done the same way.
  5. KingdomFighter74

    Beginner in need of guidance

    Recently, I've come to realize that I'd much like to make games as well as play them. Problem is, I have no idea where to start. I just want to start off with a basic 2D platformer, but am unsure of what engine to use. I don't have the tools to create my own art (nor do I have the desire to), and just want an engine that has pre-made assets, a ton of free assets or tools to create your own inside the engine. I've heard GameMaker is really good, but want to know about how getting or making assets would work. Another problem is that I don't know what I would want to specialize in. Programming, design, audio; I'm just not sure so I don't know what I should start with. If anyone can help me find a base to start off with, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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