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    Startup production 3D graphics and VR...

    Thx for the advise... this is exactly the response I need! And that is why I posted it... And btw: the decision for HTC and Lumberyard was not made by "me" but foreced upon me - but this topic does not belong here. Hiring/looking for a game experienced project manager sounds pretty logic as the first step - understood! Thx...
  2. Teslarian

    Startup production 3D graphics and VR...

    UPS - correct... sry JD = job description WBT = Web Based Training (online trainings based on SCORM packages) LMS = Learning Management System (the place where you host and run the WBTs)
  3. Hi everone - I need some help. What kind of qualification do I have to include into a JD in the following scenario: So far we are developing WBTs for our LMS and have 8 own authors (content). We produce training modules for our corporate network with a strong emphasis on product or product near trainings. This means for the content: the more graphical the better. For computer artwork we mainly use freelancers until today. We are now severly expamning and also I am looking into start experimenting with VR. We already purchased two HTC Vive sets and are quite happy with the systems. The next step now is to start producing graphical content which we can potentially use in BOTH environments in the future. In my understanding so far this means we have to go 3D artwork and create 3D models of any product etc. that we are using on display. This should then be usable on both environments in perspective if I get it right (sorry - I am a project manager, not an IT guy). Which are the skills I should/have to put into a JD when I start looking for employees that are capable of creating such 3D objects? I need at least 2 people to start with. Same direction is my next problem. Now I think about using Lumberyard to start creating virtual rooms to go through (potentially build a virtual training center where you can walk thorugh - similar to "the Lab" when you start HTV Vive. In perspective I also might want to start creating "mini-games" with learning background for our group for this VR environment. Also here I think about hiring at least two people to start working on this idea. What would the JD requirements be for that? People that are capable of creating these environents to move around in and also with regard to start producing "mini-games" in there. It would be extremely helpful to get some input from your (experienced) side and I am MORE than happy for any helpful comment or hint. Thank you in advance guys!!! PS: since some people asked - we are a german group but my team is located in India. We are now moving to Pune in November and this is where the project will start...
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