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  1. MisspeldGames

    Looking for an good pixel art editor

    If you're thinking about a vector editor there is Inkscape
  2. Ballimals is a work in progress physics-based fighting game where your only source of movement is some form of a "Grappling Gun" or jump, be it a chicken's tongue or an elephant's trunk. It features a similar system to Super Smash Bros, where you have to knock other players off the screen. However there are no "percentage-health" system yet, and I probably won't add something like that either. All aspects of the game is currently made by me, and even though I might believe it is amazing I desperately need someone else to take a look at it and give me some feedback. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could take a look at the screenshots, try the concept/movement demo and potentially check out my devlog. The game currently features three playable characters, three playable levels, a character select and a level select. All of the character's share the same basic moves, but have one unique special attack. Character select Level select Level 1 displaying the elephant performing his special attack: Elphquake. Level 2 displaying the pig performing his special attack: Megafart or something... Also, the egg is the chickens special attack and can eggsplode. Level 3 displaying the pig swinging by his snot. Download the concept/movement demo here. You can also listen to some of the music I have composed so far. I am fairly new to composing would love to hear what you think. You can find it on my devlog. Any and all feedback is extremely appreciated. Thanks for reading! Edit: You will need a controller to play the demo.
  3. MisspeldGames

    Looking for an good pixel art editor

    Some alternatives: http://www.piskelapp.com/ (Free) http://pyxeledit.com/ (Free beta) https://www.aseprite.org/ (Free trial) https://www.gimp.org/ (Free) The first three are made specifically for pixels, while Gimp is a great allround image editing and drawing software. Hope it helps!
  4. MisspeldGames

    100 tiny games, ideas needed

    The Arcade section on Google Play might be interesting.
  5. MisspeldGames

    Need some help with Unity.

    //Rotating the car var currentRotSpeed : float; if(reverse){ currentRotSpeed = rb.velocity.magnitude * rotSpeed; }else{ currentRotSpeed = rb.velocity.magnitude * -rotSpeed; } rb.AddTorque(Input.GetAxis("Horizontal" + controller) * currentRotSpeed); //Wheel Rotation wheel[0].localEulerAngles.z = wheel[1].localEulerAngles.z = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal" + controller) * -20; I made a 2D car game about a year ago where I did something similar to what you might want. In the above code-snippet I show you how I rotate the car based on the rigidbody's velocity and turn the wheels accordingly.
  6. MisspeldGames

    Pig Swinging on Boat Level

    From my WIP game called Ballimals. Check out the devlog here.
  7. MisspeldGames

    Pig Special Attack in Snow Level

    From my WIP game called Ballimals. Check out the devlog here.
  8. MisspeldGames

    Elephant Special Attack in Forest Level

    From my WIP game called Ballimals. Check out the devlog here.
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