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  1. EvaBalikova

    Feudal Alloy

    Feudal Alloy is a metroidvania-style action RPG with fish-controlled robots in medieval times! Explore a huge world, improve your skills by smashing a lot of mechanical creatures and talk to other robots using animated dialogues. The game is coming on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 in Q3 2018. Contact: eva@attugames.com Press kit: feudalalloy.com/press Features: Fish-controlled medieval robots! Dynamic action-combat system with swords, grenades, dodges and other specail attack moves A lot of different equipment that change both player appearance and attributes Varied hand-drawn environments Secret areas
  2. DevLog #8 We're working on a demo so if you'd like to try Feudal Alloy when it's ready, just let us know HERE ( Google form) The demo coming out in February.
  3. EvaBalikova

    One of the hamster-powered bosses

    One of the hamster-powered bosses we created for our fishbowl-powered medieval robots game Feudal Alloy. More info: WEB twitter facebook
  4. DevLog #7 One of the hamster-powered bosses we created for our fishbowl-powered medieval robots game Feudal Alloy. More info at http://FeudalAlloy.com
  5. DevLog #6 A little sneak peek of how the main character in Feudal Alloy can switch his equipment
  6. Thank you! DevLog #5 Feedback We need your help. Do you think this run animation looks fine? Still seems odd to us.
  7. DevLog #4 Thanks to the great feedback we got recently, we decided to move Feudal Alloy's release date to Q3 2018 so we can improve the game much more.
  8. EvaBalikova

    Feudal Alloy menu.png

    Thank you!
  9. DevLog #3 The first two main character looks and a NPC animation ( a merchant) here ( youtube video, 6 sec )
  10. DevLog #2 Added a new enemy and a new equipment set for the main character. In this case “natty dresser "
  11. EvaBalikova

    Feudal Alloy menu.png

    Main menu in Feudal Alloy. twitter
  12. DevLog #1 Work in process - new character equipment sets, sketching ideas and enviroment
  13. Hello.We're a two-member team and I'd like to introduce you our game - Feudal Alloy. It's a metroidvania-style action RPG with fishbowl-powered medieval robots. We've been working on the project for a few months. I'd be happy for any feedback. teaserhomepage twitter facebook Our Steam page is public now: steam link
  14. EvaBalikova

    Feudal Alloy

    Album for Feudal Alloy
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