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  1. Want to take a stab at my game? It's a 2D (topdown/12.5) RTS, think Starcraft/Magic the Gathering(but it's not a card game). Game has several elements i.e. air, dark, earth, fire, water, light and ice, each having roughly 20 characters and buildings. Get in contact with me and I can provide more info.
  2. pritchie

    2D art for RTS

    We were thinking topdown. We work on the game every Sunday from 8-1 west coast time via skype. It would be easier just to join on skype and take a look and chat.
  3. pritchie

    2D art for RTS

    Small team(x3) working on 2D RTS, need art direction/design help for characters and environment. I would say programming side of things is 50% complete and we have been weekend warriors on this project for well over a year. There are well over 100 unique characters/buildings that need to be made, but I will leave art decisions 90% in your hands.
  4. pritchie

    2D Artists needed

    Style is top down or maybe 12.5 for the RTS. The attachment has some images of what the characters might look like but top down/12.5 versions are what we are probably after. Probably fully drawn is the best but that could be up in air. Check out the document for themes, the RTS is going to take place on 6 different elemental worlds. Previous work was 'Nosepick' (it's for iOS only) but the RTS game is developed using XAMARIN so we can go cross platform. Other game I'm working on is a card game I can give you details later. Art for Cubelemental.pdf
  5. pritchie

    2D Artists needed

    Need an artist to make tiles, scenes and sprites for an RTS game that is far in development. Would also like to rebrand an app we released last year.
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