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  1. A perfect example of what your describing is the Factory Pattern Method I think Geeks for Geeks describes perfectly, https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/design-patterns-set-2-factory-method/
  2. kenshen112

    Questions regarding Items, Unity C#

    Along those lines, I'm trying to make a basic consumables class. So I have things like HPbuffer speed buffer strength buffer etc it's quite the list If I wanted to make a haste consumable then I have to list health else wise JSON.Net will have an issue that's what I'm trying to avoid
  3. So, i'm working on an Item system and I have a quick question in regards to Items. I typically use a set of Json files to hold my data which is fine except for Items which can different variables as they do different things. The issue is that i'm using JSON.net which when deserializing a file will crash if the file doesn't match the structure it's trying to serialize. This means that if I want to define an item that affects speed I have to define several variables in that object that it's not even going to use making the whole thing a big mess. My question is, is there a better file type to handle that data? or is there a better way to parse the JSON?
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