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  1. No $$ or resources, so I can just talk about it...
  2. I have a mmorpg idea, I have no resources or $$... Just one idea, but I know of a Open source engine http://www.garagegames.com/products/torque-3d all I have is a idea though, I am not looking for $$ ir anything besides sharing it...
  3. Edward78

    MMORPG, some ideas...

    I like the sys conan exiles has, it is not that hard getting on your feet again... Mortal is a bit to much a pain in the butt... A blend of Mortal & Exiles sounds interesting really, as for the repercussions. hmmm... Darkfall has a good flagging system, griefers become red, mortal you can target a griefer & have a guard attack... Reds are attack on site for guards would be good... Plus put the security level of the area you are in like Eve has in... then mark the map of the safer areas,,, Plus, the graphics should be good, but no need for OMG want it to be able to run good on systems a few years old...
  4. Edward78

    MMORPG, some ideas...

    Mortal Online is almost there, they just need some bugs fixed, I wish I had the $$ for the rights so I could tweak it some... I really love the thrall sys from Conan Exiles, that would be awesome in MO...
  5. Stats STR- How much you can carry & attack CON- Frail, fragile, put in weak constitution in google & got that... Makes sense so I say that means defence physical/magic.(I was kind of thinking make every one have 100 hp/stam. in game & just that is what they have) AGL- Speed INT- How much you can learn & magic attack/power DEX- How good you are with your hands Crafting I Think Martel Online has a awesome sounding sys, try out resources & make a unique item Gathering If you cut a tree it falls. mine a rock it crumbles & harvest a plant it disappears (Conan exiles( Loot Animals don't have gold, weapons or items if you want loot harvest with a skinning knife to get skin, a butchers knife for meat/bones, humans might have stuff in inventory & WYSIWYG if you see it on them, they die, you can loot it Building sys (Conan Exiles) Build freely, make buildings look how you want World destructible PvP Free for all, Full loot & no safe zones
  6. Edward78

    I have some ideas

    Cool, thanks... Just have ideas, not looking for a team or anything...
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