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  1. composerjones

    Composed for horror VR title

    Hey guys! Check out the new environmental trailer for Reiko's Fragments, a new horror VR title. I am currently the composer on the project and would love to hear what you guys think!
  2. composerjones

    Orchestral Romantic Piece

    Thank you! Yeah I see what you mean about changing up the lead voice! Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. composerjones

    Orchestral Romantic Piece

    Thank you sir! I appreciate the comments and yeah I try to make the pieces of music sound as full as possible!
  4. composerjones

    Orchestral Romantic Piece

    Hey guys! I just released a new track titled "Phone Call," which is a romantic orchestral piece! Let me know what you guys think!
  5. Hey Anthony! I am working on some music mainly for a new game studio I am apart of called Pixel Canvas Studios! We are working on a new horror game for VR and will hopefully be able to share stuff in the next coming months. I'll be posting some personal music soon as well within the next few weeks. I post all of my music at my youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZj2u5n3BrNo6xwcY7eLo6w I appreciate the interest!
  6. composerjones

    New piano and string piece!

    It is the olafur arnalds toolkit piano! It's a Spitfire Audio product!
  7. composerjones

    New piano and string piece!

    Thank ya!
  8. composerjones

    New Neoclassical Piece

    Thank you for the kind words!
  9. composerjones

    New Neoclassical Piece

    Thank you so much!
  10. composerjones

    New Neoclassical Piece

    Hey guys, I just composed a new piece that is definitely inspired by scores of the Final Fantasy series and the Kingdom Hearts series. I hope you guys enjoy!
  11. composerjones

    Composer Reel, seeking feedback

    Hey guys! I just created my composer reel and wanted to hear some feedback on my compositions! Thanks!
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