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  1. Robert Stoppel

    What console do you recommend to program on?

    I guess setting up a company that releases homebrew games would be awesome... but thats all... lots of work and money investment. Not very realistic unless its the buisness model you would like to go for... thats way in deep in my opinion... alternatively you could publish for the computer, hope for a small community to form and go to hacking it onto various consoles from there... also best console is the smartphone if you want people get interrested, everyone has it, there is room for designing your own buttons, might push the smartphone console industry into a direction and add some location based features in as well... opens up new experience opportunities I suppose... also I apologize for being too lazy to do the research
  2. Robert Stoppel

    What console do you recommend to program on?

    and taking the opportunity to ask for consoles to be made open for home developement is up to us. Again, who takes the lead has the bragging rights right? Realisticly speaking a company is made of people, might be buisness but its done by humans after all. I bet someone has an ear for new ideas, in my opinion it would be an idea worth sharing. but it takes time and energy and we drifted off topic here, hope you're comfortable with it.
  3. Robert Stoppel

    What console do you recommend to program on?

    not a homebrew community, but taking a look at unreals terms for publishing is worth it. and the engine is quite stunning with all the support. If and why is not important, but making the first milestone sometimes pays of well for the community. You could take the lead in that aspect in the name of homebrewers, or you could keep searching. Remember: the fun begins with the most important part: you
  4. Robert Stoppel

    What console do you recommend to program on?

    If you are looking for the best opportunity to get a name arround people I suggest you first find out what console is played most actively, and over time you will have people interrested (the honestly curious gamer will treasure a piece even if its graphicly very simple i think) so even up to date consoles are not out of reach. depending on game engine and what you are used to. Best results come out when you create something for your self in the first place, and put everything else secondary
  5. Robert Stoppel

    Day one: Planning how to Plan things

    Well Devio, This is a non traditional (hopefully) transparent Developer blog that is supposed to show what I plan and how well I stand behind it and keep up on schedule while encouraging people to show interrest in the prodject. I'm willing to work with people wo would like to teach themselves and push the boundaries further, even just for a nice thing to show on a job oriented portfolio. and Jan Haas, I think unreal is the best starting choice, it has potential and I like how they give it out for almost nothing, with an agreement to share a percentage of what you make with your game. I would love to stick with it, but I'm open to ideas. I try sticking to reality while still allowing myself to dream. After all... This is the first time I make something game related, but I want it. I want it so bad because its my dream for a long time. @Jan Haas @Devio
  6. Time management I thought of a simple Plan: after 1:30am I have all the time in the world for tons of stupid shit to do until 11pm... so five days in a week I start working at 5:00pm until bedtime. That is 6 hours every day, making it 30 in five. Adding 20 hours on weekend (Ten every day) makes it 50 hours a week. That is roughly 200 hours a month I got for this project. So I made a nice overview of my busy ass week and the monster I decided to work on. I have not decided yet if and how I will make money with this. I simply have the Privilege and Interest to make a game and this seems like the best way. The problem This idea is not done yet, no results. all I did for now is clarify that I have a will to do this. I need a story, maybe game mechanics laid out. The solution Creating Forum entries and Writing about them would be a nice way of keeping a publicly available log of completed work. I would be glad to get any support possible from you. The Plan: Checklist log of things I need to learn, has to be easily accessible. Paper seems like good idea. Ideas of how the game should work in organized manner Sources for media have to be found. Hoping for people to hop on the "lets fucking make something because we can" train. Interrested? If yes, lets talk right now right here online. you can also join me on Discord, the link is in my profile description. Don't think, act. Its not about what if it fails its about what if it works here.
  7. Robert Stoppel

    3D or 2D Stealth?

    Depends of How far you are really willing to go, Some may find it inter resting to try mechanics like hearing steps in first person without any visual cues. Its all a question of replayability and overall the feel it gives.
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