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  1. Solved by disabling Aero Theme... Noticed the performance suffers a lot if the window gets over the start button. Switched to windows classic theme for test and worked. Still learned something with this tool you showed me at least, so thanks day saved
  2. Okay i'm trying to installing it now. Hopefully it can help me, thanks. I will report back if i have trouble or find something issue with it. thanks so far
  3. Haha yes it's pretty old hardware now, it is mandatory to support it though sadly Okay I had present sync interval set to 1 so it's more like a jump from ~16ms to 40ms, but you know. If i set it to sync interval 0 and change the creation of the graph window to like 1600x900 i get all my expected 2-3ms if not lower, even on that old hardware. I mean i can completely comment out my drawing and still, if i drag it to a certain resolution (from 1600x900 close to the resolution of maximum) it jumps from that 2-3ms to ~40ms. Staying in that resolution range isn't an option either though. There isn't any level in that, certain resolution and immidiate increase. It is not fullscreen and there is also a control panel on one side, so even in maximized it wont reach 1920x1080. It's confusing me a lot. I read about present() can block if frames are queued, i know to little about that though to say if that is the issue, it is called in an idle loop, so that might hint to that though. But again, can the gpu performance suffer so much at a tiny resolution increase, if i drag it higher. thanks for help
  4. 0 down vote favorite I develop a test application with directx 11 und fl 10.1. Everything is working as expected and fine, but when I maximize the window with my graphics in it, the time per frame increases drastically. like 1ms to 40ms. If it stays at a lower resolution range, it works perfectly. But i need to support it in the maximized resolution also. Destination hardware and software specs: NVS 300 graphics card Windows 7 32-bit resolution 1920x1080 Application that draws few sinuses with direct3d, c# via sharpdx Windows forms with a control and sharpdx initialized swapchain, programmed to change backbuffer on resize event (would occur without that too though) I used a System.Stopwatch to find the issue at the code line: mSwapChain.Present(1, PresentFlags.None); where the time it needs when maximized increases by a lot suddenly. If i drag and resize it manually at some resolution the frame time jumps, seems weird. If i comment out the drawing code, I get the same behavior. On my local development machine with a HD4400 i don't have this issue though, there it works and the frame time isn't affected by resizing at all. Any help is appreciated ! I am farily new to programming in c#, windows and with DirectX also, so please be kind