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  1. Mama

    So.. Where do I begin?

    Thanks everyone, your answers really helped and have given me a lot to think about! Shelvick, initially i'd like to work for a company yes but at this moment in time I haven't picked one in particular, so maybe i'll put Unity on the back burner for now. I have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS already so i'll crack on with Javascript and work my way up from there! 😁 Scouting Ninja, i'll definitely give that a go, thanks! GDNet+, your article is really interesting, thanks for sharing. 😊
  2. Hi! Basically, game development is something I've wanted a career in for a few years but I've never really known how to get started. I've downloaded Unity and worked through a few of their tutorials but I can't help feeling like i'm staring in the middle rather than at the start. Should I learn to program first then learn how to use an engine? Would that make my life easier in the long run or is Unity the logical starting point? If programming is the right first step, which language? Do I start at square 1 with HTML and work my way up to the more complex languages like c+ or Java? Is that even necessary? I understand that's quite a few questions, I'm still very new to all this so I hope i'm making sense! Any help would be appreciated!
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