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  1. Thanks! Yeah this was made very quickly with virtually no direction, just wanted to create some atmosphere, so it starts strong.
  2. This was just a fun little thing I did after listening to so much Blade Runner the last few days, whipped it up quickly. It's a free download, creative commons license, enjoy.
  3. You're right, I'm speaking from my experience, which is almost completely not in the voice acting world.
  4. Yes, it's common to reamp guitars, but that is beside my point. My point is that experienced artists know what tools they like to use to get the results they prefer. An engineer laughing in someone's face over a mic suggestion, let alone the most common mic ever used to mic a guitar cab, is awfully dramatic, and I wouldn't want to work with any engineer that did that. That's beyond unprofessional. I've never seen a session where anyone's equipment selection/suggestion wasn't taken seriously, and often, yes, they defer to the engineer, but only after agreeing that it's the choice they want to make. The bottom line at the studio is- You paid for the session you get to do what you want. We'll offer our opinion, and explain why we think it might be a bad choice, but they're the customer. In my limited experience with VO sessions, no, I've never actually seen the talent have a microphone request. If I didn't have that mic, and couldn't rent it, I'd ask them if it's absolutely necessary, but again, I wouldn't want them to show up and immediately have an issue because we didn't have what they asked for.
  5. A U87 can be had for under $75 a day. I've personally never had an inexperienced artist insist on the "wrong" mic choice, and in cases where they request a specific one, I'd rather not have the talent show up and go "where's the mic I asked for." I've also seen plenty of artists bring their own mic.
  6. Experienced vocalists/voice artists often know exactly what recording chain they want for their voice, it's the same as a guitar player having a preferred guitar/pedals/amp. I know what microphones I like on my voice, and what ones I don't.
  7. Typically a shotgun mic, however I've seen/used all kinds of mics depending on the situation.
  8. I've been making/recording music for over 15 years, I have virtually zero programming ability.
  9. A U87 is a very common VO mic, I've often seen it paired with an Avalon preamp, but people have specific preferences. Most professional recording studio have, or have access to, a U87, and an Avalon preamp.
  10. Hi, I've been making music for a while now, and I've got too much free time lately, so I'd like to make some music for some games. I make a lot of dark/distorted/electronic/experimental stuff, and I hope someone would find this style useful. Here is a link to some of my music, I intend to make a more "game" oriented reel soon, with more instrumentals, and less "song" structure ect. Thanks
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