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    Odd texturing issues

    Hold on, I think I saw something amiss. You seem to be doing some strange stuff there. :) Some quick questions. 1) Can the skybox be loaded from one texture and rendered with one call ? That would limit alot of texture creation, SetTexture, DrawPrimitive calls. This of course for each phase for drawing. This would also ensure a single colour palette and texutre for each call. 2) Maybe you could copy the tu/tv co-ords from one side of the skybox to the others. Especially if a side actually works. I will ponder your code further. ;)
  2. I never though of using vertex shaders. Something I have never done before. A steep learning curve I think. Things do seem to be improving however. Thanks for the reply. :)
  3. After revisiting a very old algorithm, I have made some performance optimizations of my old grass algo. For drawing a bunch of grass, I am drawing a patch of grass and then moving that patch around a redrawing it by changing the vertex buffer according to a patch map. for ( DWORD Patch_Count = 0 ; Patch_Count < Patch_Size ; Patch_Count ++ ) { px = Patch_Map [ Patch_Count ].x; pz = Patch_Map [ Patch_Count ].z; // Move the Patch if( FAILED( Grass_VB->Lock( 0, bv_size, (BYTE**)pVertices, D3DLOCK_DISCARD ) ) ) return E_FAIL; //copy the template to the vertex buffer if ( START_PFLAG == TRUE ) { memcpy( pVertices, Patch_VBT, bv_size ); START_PFLAG = FALSE; } // update the verticies do { pVertices -> x += px; if ( pz > 0.0f ) pVertices -> z += pz; pVertices++; } while( pVertices < end_verts ); Grass_VB->Unlock(); // end move the patch g_pd3dDevice -> DrawIndexedPrimitive( D3DPT_TRIANGLELIST, 0, v_num, 0, p_num ); } With a field of 36 pathches I am locking/unlocking 36 times, each time drawing a patch. I also do a first copy of a patch template before altering the patch. Each patch contains 4,400 vertices ( 11 verticies per blade and 400 blades per patch ) that are indexed triangles with each being moved 36 times. A rediculous number of calculations per frame. How expensive is Locking and Unlocking the vertex buffer ? Does the Vertex Buffer have to be unlocked before drawing the primitive ?
  4. Arion

    My Flooded City

    Quote:Original post by Michalson Quote:Original post by Arion An Extendicare old age home had to be evacuated for fear of the roof collapsing. The two main malls where also evacuated and close for the same reason. As far as I know from what was said around the office they are currently at a gym and will be moved into an empty home (don't know if it was empty because it was brand new or because it was old and the residents had just moved into a new facility) To clear up the Extindicare evacuation. All the city buses where called in for the evauation. They where tempprarily ecavuated to a community areana Evinrude Center. Another Old Age residence had been recently closed up, St. Marys I believe and has now been reopened. The residents that could not be sent home have been sent there. About a hundread of them. Last night 200 basements have been pumped out. Over the next two days, 800 basements remain to be pumped. A major artery in town, Television Road has apparently been washed away and has succumb to a mudslide. There are 500 homes with out power, and that is taking priority over the pumping out of basements. Our sewage treatment plant had to do the unthinkable to cope but seems to be coming back online. The surrounding communities have been most helpful in sending in crews to help. The city of Toronto has sent truck loads of pumps to the city. Thank You Toronto. The State of Emergency is still in effect until the damage is fully assesed. It may be lifted in the next twelve hours.
  5. Arion

    My Flooded City

    Things seem to be improving now. Most basements have been pumped out on the street. Other flooded areas have subsided. But more rain is expected tonight. As long as the storm sewers can take the flow and not over flow into the sanitary sewers we can begin to clean up this mess. One bright note in all this is how neighbors helped neighbors and perfect strangers lending a tireless hand. This is a shared event and that helps us all get through it a little easier.
  6. Arion

    My Flooded City

    Quote:Original post by Raduprv This sucks... Do you have any pictures? Didn't take any pictures myself, but they are sacttered among various news services. Pictures are from the news articles: News Aticle Another article.
  7. Arion

    My Flooded City

    Well I have been awake since 4:00 am this morning. This city of Peterborough Ontario, pop. 75, 000 has just recieved 7 1/2 inches of rain in a single night with over 5 inches in a three hour period. The result: 5:00 am My street was a river torrent flooding nearly all the basements, some to the ceiling. Paved driveways had been heaved up and washed away. On gravel driveways, huge gaping holes remain as the gravel had been washed away and the river eroding underneath the road. This continued for about three hours before subsiding, and no, this is not a flood plain. The downtown core is reported to have waste deep water down the streets with a Holiday Inn Hotel just south of the core getting the brunt of it flooding out the first floor completely. An Extendicare old age home had to be evacuated for fear of the roof collapsing. The two main malls where also evacuated and close for the same reason. Main roads have been completely washed away by eroding water. So I spent most of the day wading in neighbors basements helping them pump out the water. My Aunts property was turned into a virtual lake with extensive unimaginable property damage. Yet, there is more to come as another couple of inches is forecast. This kind of thing is not suppose to happen here, a 1 in a 100 year event I am told yet it was only two years ago 6 inches fell in a single night. But this flooding is worse by far. This is not a good way to get on the map.
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