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  1. Damian Thater

    Argh! Earthlings!

    StoryEverywhere on earth people report unexplainable encounters of the third kind. Some of them report UFO sights, some see symbols or even aliens in corn fields, but no one can claim having shot down an alien spacecraft - no one, but David.David is a young hobby astronomer who one day shoots down one of these flying saucer using his self-made model rocket. Unfortunately he loses his awareness just in that one second.Up again he starts his private investigation mission. His adventure does not only uncover unbelievable findings, but it will also turn his complete live upside down...Features Localized into English, French, Spanish and German Retro point and click adventure, optimized for mobile devices Simple one-finger navigation Automatic game saving Over 1 hour of gameplay (in default game speed) Multiple solution possibilities in some situations. Adjustable game speed Optimized for long battery consumption and low cpu usage Shake to show a in-game help iPhone X fullscreen support
  2. Time passed by and the development of "Argh! Earthlings!" has continued constantly. Many bugs were busted. And now the project got another buch of very kind reviews... Thanks to all players and point and click adventure game lovers who gave "Argh! Earthlings!" a 5 star rating. Hey Android users! I've got some great news for you. Currently I'm working on a migration to Android and other platforms using Unity3D and the Adventure Creator asset. Compared to the original development for iOS the progress at lightning speed. See yourself...
  3. Damian Thater

    Where do you find music for your game(s)?

    Hi there, Although I'm a noob in music, here are my 2 cents. For my goofy point&click adventure game Argh! Earthlings! I have searched for background music for at least 3 month. I had needed around 20 comic style songs for trailer, intro, ending sequence and the game itself. Most of the songs are about 2 to 3 minutes long and are loops actually. I used pond5.com to get all of these. The music is including funky country style, calm mysterious style and some cold/digital laboratory style. Here and there is some stressful action music. The songs change fading out and in within a second, every time the scenery changes (if necessary). The transition is done programatically. To get a little bit more variance into this I tried to randomize the offset of the beginning. It sounds a litte bit like if one would stack or cascade the sceneries. The only thing that would be nice to have is to stop a song at a specific time and it change for more action. On the other side sometimes I would need a longer silence to underline specific game details. Im pretty sure this all can be done by code. I think this is what you try to do. So, for this type of game a dynamic, algorithmically developing music is nice, but somewhat too much work (for me). For some RPG this would be a cool feature, and for titles like Skyrim it is a must have, I think. Hope this helps you a little bit.
  4. Hurray! Argh! Earthlings! got its first non-german review on App Store and it's ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars!Thanks a lot to K. J. and all others Australian 🇦🇨️ point and click adventure fans!
  5. Hi, Point & Click Adventure Gamers! My name is Damian. I'm living in Germany. From the bottom of my heart I'm a software developer. And in my spare time the last 8 years I've been working on a point & click adventure game named "Argh! Earthlings!". It's available in English and German. It's about David, a young slightly left-handed hobby astronomer, who one day accidentally shoots down an alien spacecraft. At the same moment he loses his awareness. Later he awakens in a foreign bed on a foreign farm. So David's mission is to find out what strange things are going on on the farm and help the really upset alien named "Fred" to escape from earth. While David is busy to recompense the damage, special agents are lurking everywhere, so David must also be careful not to become caught... If you like, visit my Press Kit (english) for more details about the game. Feel free to watch the trailer to see some animated in-game footage. I really would like to read your opinion. So, what do you think? Besides, I'll start Android development this winter. So, keep an eye on this game! Project's page: arghearthlings.com
  6. Damian Thater

    Indie Marketing For N00bs: Lesson 5 - Marketing Ain't Free

    As always Jesse managed to convince me. To be honest, I was waiting with bated breath for the last part of the series. His article reflects the bitter truth of either investing much time or much money to a good PR, especially as an indie developer like me. For me it's simple. I've got no money, so I must invest much time and work twice as hard as others, to survive this fight. But that's OK, because working on my first mobile game was a quite long journey, too. Thanks for the complete series of articles for n00bs like me. I've enjoyed it very much.
  7. Damian Thater

    Why your indie game dev team will fail

    Wow, thanks for this video! I though I was crazy working on a point & click adventure game for 8 years - but eleven?! This is incredible.
  8. Damian Thater

    Establishing and maintaining flow

    I've given a talk last weekend about "Motivation". One of the points was focussing on one task at a time, which dramatically increases your productivity. Other very important activities include taking breaks, enjoyment, prevent interruptions and the mental attitude to succeed. If you're curious what else was nearby identical, visit my blog and check out my Slides (which are in English, meanwhile the comments are in German). I'm pleased to agree with you in many of these points. Good work!
  9. Damian Thater

    One helluva day (Adventure) [Steam]

    Nice. How long have you been working on it?
  10. Damian Thater

    Indie Marketing For N00bs: Lesson 2 - Social Media Makes The World Turn

    Oh, shame on me Jesse. I've neglected my Facebook audience for a too long time. Thanks to your post, I realized I need to work harder publishing more information about my products I'm currently making. Thanks for the very educational article.
  11. Damian Thater

    Indie Marketing For N00bs: Lesson 1 - Network, Network, Network

    I totally agree with Jesse "Chime" Collins about networking. Connecting to other people who understand what you're doing is a major motivator when developing very complex games (or software in general). As Jesse writes, it is essential to care for your contacts and provide them individually with fresh content. I like your writings, Jesse! Can't hardly await reading the next article of the series.
  12. Damian Thater

    Indie Marketing For N00bs: Lesson 3 - Make The News, Be The News

    Again Jesse "Chime" Collins addressed absolutely what I like to read, and what I was talking about in my last talk about "motivation" when working on long-term projects (Slides). I was very pleased to read about being proud of the own masterpiece is not a shame. You'll should say it loud! You probably have got built something wonderful and valuable. Infect everyone with your euphemism! Again, great reading! Thanks.
  13. Damian Thater

    Indie Marketing For N00bs: Lesson 4 - Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

    You've got me there. Absolutely helpful article. In fact I recently had some talk about "motivation" when developing long-term projects (Slides) and I mentioned some of the points listed above. Especially breaking apart your vision into milestones, which compares to making a plan, and connecting to people early by using social media. I like your references to the other platforms, especially Gamesight.io and Metacritic.com. Thanks for you writing.
  14. Damian Thater

    Argh! Earthlings!

    Album for Argh! Earthlings!
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