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  1. Dylan B's music: feedback please

    Check out my latest track! Probably not a huge step as far as production quality is concerned, however, I am always experimenting with the voices I have at my disposal in order to hone my personal style of composition. As always, please tell me what you think of this new track as well the previously posted tracks if haven't done so already. Thanks, Dylan B.
  2. Dylan B's music: feedback please

    Just an update: I've done some further production work on 2 of my tracks posted above. They should be much easier to hear now. Hopefully, that will make further feedback possible. I plan to amplify future titles before posting so as to prevent this issue.
  3. Dylan B's music: feedback please

    Thanks for the feedback. Im pleased to hear such a detailed reply. I've been looking into those solutions and have plans to imvest in a MIDI controller. Most of what I have done was produced using a free version of Finale and converting the resulting MIDI file into a more universal format. Resently. Ive acquired Sibelius for my compositions. It is a much better program thqn Finale notepad and its MIDI samples are much more numerous ane varied in sound. I have plans to start school next year for musoc production. I have a couple of questions for you, What is DAW? What exactly so you mean when you say there are some cool ideas amd evolution in my music? Just curious really.
  4. I'm pursuing a career as a composer/music producer and I'd like some feedback on my music. Please check out the embedded tracks below as well as my other works on Soundcloud and let me know what you think. Update: I have done some post production work on the below "edited" tracks to boost their volume. It should be much easier to hear everything that is happening within them now without maxing out the volume on your device.