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  1. Battlefish03

    Composer looking to expand Portofolio

    Hi if you want you can work on my project we would love to have someone off your talent. It's about ancient Egypt and Its a medium size project. if you would like more information contact me emeric.alizond2@gmail.con
  2. Looking For 3d Modellers and Environmental Design and Lore Writers for a project that my team and I are doing but need some extra help. This project is about ancient Egypt and has already started being made if your interested and want more details contact me at emeric.alizond2@gmail.com We Currently Have artists Programmers Lore Writers Level Designers If you are not one of these or think you could offer special talent then be sure to contact me.
  3. Battlefish03

    UE4 Arena survival mobile game [REV SHARE]

    @Vollkrasser Your assumptions are stupid as if someone doesn't mention something doesn't mean anything it probably safe to assume they haven't put forward these details because they are either irrelevant or not needed. How can you assume as someone who is making a project and wants some people to help him has no experience whatsoever because they haven't mentioned it? They don't need a game design document its a hobby project. How can you assume the scale of what they are making and the work needed? For all you know it could be a quick arena game made in two weeks and how do you know they got any resources? How do you know the budget for the project? Just because something isn't mentioned in an add doesn't mean it hasn't been thought off. It's a HOBBY PROJECT THAT SOMEONE IS MAKING FOR FUN. So you're being very naive making these assumptions. "we have to assume" Maybe you should make your own project instead of writing pessimistic comments on lots of people projects #getalife
  4. Do you have an email i can reach you at?
  5. Battlefish03

    Sandbox History game

    My friend and I are currently working to produce a sandbox themed game where you can shape history via destroying certain Eras, editing them or improving them. The game should be sort of similar to Tropico 5 and Universe sandbox, there will also be scenarios for to the player to play with. We currently need: A Programmer Experienced with Unreal, At least two 3d model designers and an artist. The project will be coded in Unreal Engine 4 If your interested email me at bonszaientertainmentoffical@gmail.com
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