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  1. deathwingA

    DirecX9 Clipping Planes

    Thanks,mate. After a bit of snooping around I manage to do it.
  2. deathwingA

    DirecX9 Clipping Planes

    I am able to do this with DirectX11 with SV_ClipDistance[n] semantics, from RasterTek DX11 Tutorial but since my current project uses DirectX9 (can't run shaders_4_0 )is there any way I can do this by shader like in DX11? I need these for my water reflection and refraction
  3. deathwingA

    Shadow map problem?

    Thanks for the great explanation ! I'm still beginner in shader(started these few weeks) but I'll give it a shot anyway. And the engine isn't open source,at least not yet .
  4. deathwingA

    Shadow map problem?

    thanks,this looks like the thing I need from what I've read,is it viable in DirectX9? Sorry I forgot to mention I'm not doing it in Unity,but with my own engine(not a very good one btw)
  5. deathwingA

    Shadow map problem?

    I was just implementing a simple shadow map for the first time and I make the shadow map follow wherever my camera position is so I can have better resolution shadow but then this happens... In the pic,the shadow of the house only shown half(because the other half not inside the shadow map), when I move forward,the shadow is also revealed......I don't know what phenomenon this is called so I have got no result in googling it. Anyone has a fix for this? Edit;Forgot to say this is made with DirectX9
  6. deathwingA

    3D Wall Collision(or 3D collision in general)

    Btw is bullet going to take a lot of time to integrate or use? I would really love if it could handle collision for me but I don't have any experience whatsoever on the library.
  7. So it works just fine ?
  8. I heard you need the SDK for it,but autodesk doesn't seem to provide one for VS2017.....or do you not need it to load and render fbx models?
  9. deathwingA

    3D Wall Collision(or 3D collision in general)

    Thanks for the answer! I have been away for a while but I'll research on them.
  10. As you can see above,I manage to get collision of stage floor,but failed on the walls...my code is in a very messy condition so I can't show anything....unfortunately. This is C++ with DirectX9 btw All I need is simple collision detection for these walls, I want to know how you guys deal with this problem and the reason for using the method,if possible since I'm not that that good at 3D programming without using engines such as Unity so any suggestion will help. Have been stuck here for a while.....
  11. deathwingA

    [C++]Ways to access functions of other class

    Thinking of doing this if I decide to do seperated camera between normal one and cutscenes.Thanks tho’. Oh wow,it does work now that i think about it...neat,Thanks.I’ll try it.
  12. deathwingA

    [C++]Ways to access functions of other class

    Looks great,thanks....this does allow me to include less header,which is good
  13. deathwingA

    [C++]Ways to access functions of other class

    Thanks for the response...Firstly: I'm thinking of having camera only follow players and do cutscenes,so.....I don't know if i need that(?),thanks tho. this.I need an efficient way that is lighter.Tho'..... I'm kinda lost here....is this about how the camera works? If so,then I'm sorry,I think I'm not specific enough...I'll edit the OP a bit
  14. For example,what I want to do is access getter from current class: class Player { private: Vector3 pos; //Position public: Player(char *filename); ~Player(); Vector3 GetPos() { return pos; } Vector3 GetForward() { return forward; } }; and access it from here void CameraWorks::Update() { pos =/*player pos + etc2*/; } .....so what I want to know is which is the better way to get access to other class function,I know of 3(2?) ways to do it: 1. Add extern Player*player; in player.h and use player->GetPos(); ----->what I'm currently using,but it doesn't sound safe 2. adding Singleton Pattern and do player->getInstance()->GetPos(); -------> this also works but i heard singletons are bad 3. do something like this: void CameraWorks::Update(Player*player)--------------->don't know if this work tho' Which one is better design ? or are they all bad and theres other ways to do this? Edit: Code above is incomplete one,my current camera is like this void CameraWorks::Update() { type = player->GetCurState(); switch (type) { case camType::DEFAULT: pos = player->GetPlayerPos() - player->GetPlayerForward() * 5 + Vector3(0, 5, 0); mViewport->Set(pos , player->GetPlayerPos() + Vector3(0,4,0)); break; case camType::AIM: pos = player->GetPlayerPos() - player->GetPlayerForward()*4 + Vector3(1, 3.5f, 0); mViewport->Set(pos, player->GetPlayerPos() + Vector3(2, 3.5f, 0)); break; case camType::SCRIPTED://for cutscene break; } } Currently having it only follow players back TPS-style
  15. deathwingA

    Developement alone need help and Tips

    Yes ,in fact ,that is what i have been doing , tho' I'm so slow I thought I might as well post somewhere while still researching on my own,to get more info,I guess. Valid point,I plan to do only simpler and doable replica game(with a bit of my own system) and only 1 stage of the game,only to get something to show to the companies I plan to apply for. However,I do find myself in situation where I tried to perfect everything in the game,which do confuse me and causes loss of time .........I'll remember it,thanks.
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